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Seemingly healthy products that actually makes us stiffen weight

Trying to lose weight, it's important not just watch the daily intake of calories, but also how healthy are our favorite products. In this context, There are products I lobe, but they can actually lead us to accept weight gain.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has become one of the hottest trends in both beauty and cooking, but remember that one in two tablespoon of the product will have 200 calories and 16 grams of saturated fat, which has about 80 percent of the daily intake of fat.

Tomato sauce

Although it seems that tomato sauce is a great addition to many dishes, it is low in calories and fat before consuming it, make sure the product is not actually added to the large amount of sugar taste improvement purposes.

Brown sugar

Brown or white – it doesn't matter – sugar content 16 calories per teaspoon, so if the coffee adds a brown sugar, be careful with the quantity!

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