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Beauty Myths

One thing I learned lately?
Flip through the pages of some fancy fashion magazine or check out huge/popular/professional beauty blog, and I get a million of advice.
Even readed someone say that dry skin can be fixed just by drinking more water - I have dry skin! No it is not working. I do drink about 1,5 - 2 liters water, but still - my skin is dry :)
Do you know some beauty myths?
Here is few I finded:

1. There are skin-care products that work like Botox
No! I'm sorry, there is no skin-care products that can work like Botox, because the ingredients cannot reach their target areas. And in fact - no one will use a Botox if there would be magical cream :D
There is absolutely no research showing that any skin-care product can even remotely work in any manner like Botox.

2. Make up causes acne

Probably not. There is no research indicating that make up or skin-care products can cause acne. Even more - there is no consensus an which ingredients are or are not problematic.
I feel it is more about how well you take off your make up or for how long you are wearing make up. Everything is good if you are using it wisely :)

3. Everyone needs an eye cream

There is no evidence, research or documentation validating the claim that the eye area needs ingredients different from those you use on your face or neck area.
I have 4 face creams and 2 eye creams at the moment. And guess what? They all have the same ingredients, even organic one doesn't have different ingredients!!!! It's crazy - only thing that changes is proportion.

However I think I'll keep my it is. Don't think I can live without, for example, eye cream. Only next time shopping for one I'll check ingredients for something different :)

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