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Wine Wednesday I Müller-Thurgau

Müller-Thurgau is a white grape variety which was created by Herman Müller in 1882. Herman Müller, born October 21, 1850 in Tagerwilen. He was Swiss botanist, plant physiologist, oenologist and grape breeder.
Müller researched and published on a wide range of topics in viticulture and winemaking, including the biology of vine flowering, assimilation of nutrients by the wine, wine diseases, alcoholic fermentation of wine.
Müller-Thurgau he created during his time in Geisenheim, in a breeding programme initiated in 1882, by crossing Riesling ( 29.04.2015. ) with Madeleine Royale.
The grape is used to make white wine in Germany, Austria, Northern Italy, Hungary, England, Australia, The Czech Republic, slovakia, Slovenia, New Zealand, The United States and Japan.

By the 1070s,Müller-Thurgau had become Germany's most planted grape. A possible reason for the popularity of this varietal is that it is capable of being grown in relatively wide range of climates and soil types. Many of these were planted on flat areas that were not particularly suitable for growing other wine grapes because it was more profitable than sugar beet, which was the main alternative crop in those locations.

I totally agree - wine is better option than sugar beets :)
Have a nice Wine wednesday 

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