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Latgale Art and Craft Centre

By falling into the Daugava, the Dubna river forms a peninsula on which in 1533 the land owner at that time baron Liven established a manor house. In the place at the old manor Latgale Art and Craft Centre is situated now providing various offers to tourists, artists and craftsman.
Latgale Art and Craft Centre was established in 2003.
Beside the constant historical crafts exhibition located in the renewed manor's building, the modern part of house offers temporary art exhibitions that change on monthly bases.
The first thing we saw on entering the museum room, was the big wooden basket that once carried a food firewood.

This is how flour was obtained earlier

Not easy - I tried :D

This is very interesting interior decor, made of grain straw. Earlier people believed that the more corners are created, the better will be the grain harvest.

I couldn't believe, and I think You will not be able to believe it, but You are looking at a old time hair straighteners and curling iron.
It was held on the coals till it was hot.
I am very happy that I am living today 

The Lielvārde belt is an element of national folk costume which contains information about the genesis of the cosmos and Latvians. In the Lielvārde belt, there are up to 22 symbols/ornaments. This is the longest Lielvārde belt ever been made.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century the vīzes could been made in every home - because the footwear was very flimsy and quickly ruptured. Most of the vīzes made of lime peel, or luke, who ripped up about 1-2 cm wide. In the province widely used footwear was pastal, made from ledder.

Folk costume in Latvia has played and still plays an important symbolic role in presentation of national values and cultural herritage.
Today folk costume has a different application than in earlier centuries and now it is worn only on festive occasions or during performances.

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