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Weekend in Latgale(LV) with my boyfriend

My boyfriend and I decided to spend this weekend together touring Latgale. It was clear that these holidays we go somewhere together, because we very rarely do weekends together, because of my work, but finally we schedule it and decided that we want to go on a mini tour :) Unfortunately we couldn't go outside the country, because my passport is expired. While travelling in the Europian Union without border inspection, you still must have valid document.
So we decided to go to Latgale, witch is located in the South - East Latvia.
Our journey began in Riga, and to Koknese we went by train to entrust our cat friend's parents.

From Koknese we went to Līvāni to check Glass Factory Museum. Museum tells the history of the factory and the manufacture of glass artifacts from it's opening in 1887.
To date the museum's collection includes 4000 unique products of glass.
I was excited about this glass cilinder lamp, I think it is a brilliant example of the Soviet Union's interior design. My boyfriend, who has experienced this time, says that the following lamp design was something that everybody was dreamed about to get in there homes.

Of course factory produced not only art objects, but also products as simple and indispensable as jars and bottles.

The "Happy Button" is a thing that each craftsman in Latvia make - legend says that it must be prepared thinking good thoughts, than if protects carrier

If You are interested in our little trip and/or Latgale press here :D

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