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Jura wines

Jura wine, is French wine produced in the Jura d`epartement, located between Burgundy and Switzerland. It is a small wine region which is responsible for some traditional and highly idiosyncratic wine styles. This cool climate wine region produces wines with some similarity to burgundy and Swiss wine ( Blog post on December 24 ).
Jura wines are distinctive and unusual wines, the most famous being vin jaune, which is made by a similar process to Sherry ( Blog post on December 10), developing under a flor like strain of yeast. This is made from the local Savagnin ( Blog post on December 17 ) grape variety. The wine is produced by picking the Savagnin as ripe as possible, in some cases becoming a sort of late harvest wine, and after fermentation storing it in Burgundian aging barrels for over 6 years. The barrels are filled up to the top and allowed to evaporate, reducing the volume in the barrel and  creating an air pocket at the top of the barrel. During the time wine oxidizes and grows a film of yeast that is similar, but not the same strain, as the Jerez region flor. The wine is then bottled in a signature clavelin wine bottle. Other grape varieties include 
* Poulsard ( Blog post on December 24 )
* Trousseau ( Blog post on December 31 )
Other wine styles found in Jura includes a vin de paille made from Chardonnay, Poulsard and Savagin.

The climate of ra is continental with many similarities to Burgundy but can be more aggressively cold, especially in the winter time. Ripeness levels of the grapes is always a concern for winemakers of the area and harvest times are often delayed as long as possible to try to achieve the highest levels possible.

The main grapes of region is Chardonnay.
French winemakers don't do more experiments than Jura wines, it wouldn't be cheap experience, but from all my wine loving heart I suggest You to try at least one of Jura wines.

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