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My money saving tips 1-10.

It's just tips that help's me organize my budget. Hope You will find something useful :)

1. Keep track of my spending - keep receipts, credit card records to review what I've purchased and constantly ask myself if it makes sense to relocate some of this spending to a piggy bank.
2. Bring lunch to work. I think I don't have to explain how it saves money?

3.Shop for food with a list - as I am a list person it's the easiest for me :)
4. Buy clothing items in terms of quality and only then look at price. An inexpensive shirt wouldn't last for me as well and long than a quality but more expensive one. I always consider fabric, stitching, wash ability, ...
5. Plan gift giving. I have a list of all my family member and friend birth days and other celebrations. I have a time to decide most thoughtful gifts and I can craft them by my self.
6. Take care of myself - I'm trying to sleep enough, wash my hands very frequently, healthy food and regular exercise is my daily round.
7. Swap books, music, magazines or DVD's. I'm sharing with my friends, brother and parents. At the end no one knows which book is mine, witch magazine is mom's, etc. :D
8. Wait for sales. everyday products I'm buying a head, for example - if I see rise cheaper than average I'm buying few packages. And remember - buying bulk almost always saves money. And there is one more sub-tip - go grocery shopping on a full stomach! If not, at least for me, I will buy any chips, chocolate, banana and soda I will see.
9. Drink a lot of water - it's a win/win tip. It's good for my body and saves money, because soda and juices is a lot more expensive.

10. Bike whenever it is possible - at first I like to use my bike, I like to be outdoors, I don't like to be behind the wheel, public transport in Riga is fairly expensive.

Good Luck <3

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