pirmdiena, 2014. gada 3. novembris

Simple little hacks how I motivate myself every day I MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY

1. Get enough sleep - I can do nothing if I feel lethargic, some days I energize myself with a little nap. Naps improve working memory, it's involved in working on complex tasks where you have to pay attention to one thing while holding a bunch of other things in memory. It's, basically, my everyday situation :D
2. Have positive self talking in morning.
3.Get some music to rock my soul. We all know that happy music makes happy faces seem even happier :)
4. Set milestones - as we all know I'm a BIG list person, I like to set my goals and stick with them. For me it's easier to do things I don't like but have to do. Sometimes I break bigger projects in smaller chunks and have few goals. I think it's easier to see progress.
5. Create a nice and comfortable working space - I like pretty clear desk, without any things that can take my attention, except plants - I just like them, they make me happy.
6. Read books - it works for deepening my knowledge and for chilling, I am a book person so I can always find some benefit of book reading...
7. Stop worrying about "WHAT IF". I just do what I can as best as I can. There always will be some things that can go wrong - so if you think like 'what if' person you better do nothing - then nothing can go wrong

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