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How Highly Successful People Find Motivation

Do You too think that successful people are just lucky? I was, I really was thinking like that, or like they have a special elixir to drink, or they have a successful faces or something :D
Of course it isn't the truth. But here are some thoughts/actions they really do or have to achieve their goals.
How I know this? I studied and readed a lot, because I want to be successful some day, and there are only few of Tips being mentioned almost by anyone of people I found successful.
At first they all mentioned that they remind themselves that they've had successful days. It's just that feeling that You know you've had accomplishments before, so they can get through a challenge again. I'm trying everyday to remember myself that challenges or frustration isn't something bad or something I can't get through.Somehow it comes to next tip - keep on keeping on, over and over. For me it's the one of hardest. It need a big trust in our selves to not let it go, but keep trying while You finally have it, but always remember - the pain of discipline is greater than the pain of failure.Sometimes it's hard, at least for me it's hard almost everyday, but what helps to me? I'm not afraid to ask for help, I have my boyfriend, he always help's me, reminding me that I have to keep practicing and do things, he reminds me what and why I'm doing my stuff and it helps me a LOT.  It means a lot, because sometimes if I feel that everything is falling and going wrong, he helps me to move farther. He don't let me to freeze up and motivates me to do, to keep going. I believe that He is the reason I can do so much, I wouldn't be able to do that much only by my self. Why? No it's not like I don't believe in my self! I do, but He helps, he make it fun for me :) He do something that push me to enjoy what I do, so when the going gets rough, I just take a break and do something fun. This reconnects me to reality :) and refocus me to get trough whatever are facing me.
The most important thing/tip/hack is to never stop learning!!! It's not always meaning university, just keep reading, communicate with people who do something inspiring, watch documentaries...

Remember - You can do ANYTHING if You believe in Yourself!!!

Keep dreaming and do big things <3

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