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It's all about Champagne

Champagne is the name ot the world's most famous sparkling wine, it's also the name of appellation under which it is sold, and it's the French wine region from which it comes. The first wines produced in Champagne, more than thousand years ago, were unlike these we know today, there was nothing like the variety of styles we now enjoy.
Champagne's fame and success is, of course, bubbles, which make it stand out from less exciting wines, which make it feel somewhat exclusive and special.
Champagne region lies at thr northen edge of the world's wineyard growing areas. It is kind of cool climate, the growing season is rarely warm enough to ripen grapes to the levels required for standart winemaking.
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the primary grape varieties used to make Champagne. Once upon a time, a much larger range of varieties was used, but this has been refined over the centuries.
Each Champagne variety has it's own particular qualities and benefits:
*Pinot Noir contributes good palate weight and darker meaty aromas
* Chardonnay is said to bring elegance and finesse to Champagnes, along with certain creamy roundness, fruity aromas.
The production process for Champagne is similar that for other wines, but includes an additional stage, during which a second fermentation is started in the bottle by the addition of yeast and sugars.This generates the carbon dioxide bubbles responsible for the pop and sparkle.

Enjoy Your flute of bubbling drink and remember - You can find something to celebrate in every day of Your amazing life <3

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