otrdiena, 2014. gada 21. oktobris

Sparkling everyday outfit ideas

I do like compfy clothes and cozy outfits, but still I'm a girl, wannabe lady :D That's why I started to look for some sparkle in my fall wardrobe. Let's se what I found.
1. Cozy sweatshirt with sparkle and sprinkly purse I founded at And Also I like scarf, maybe I will try to DIY it :) A Sweatshirt with subtle for details would be a great addition to work wardrobe.
2. Another great way ir sparkly heel being paired with an everyday outfit. I like to pair basic everyday or boyfriend style jeans with a sparkly heel.
3. Blazer, Jacket, Jumper are great if I'm looking for something that I can wear from day to night. It will easy transform into the night outfit if I want to go out with friends, I think a fully sequined blazer is great for social events.
4. Just a little, thiny something special to add some SOMETHING SPECIAL to our's everyday work or school outfits.
5. While I always tought that sparkly trousers are made only for partying , they actually work for eberyday if You have a talant to dress them down with a slouch sweater or some matt cape.
6. Sparkling skirt, I never had or wanted skirt like this, but when I saw this on, I finded out that I don't want them! I NEED them.

Have a Nice Sparkly fall!

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