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All I Know About French Wine

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.The wines produced ranges from expensive High end  wines to more modest wines. The style of French wines echoes that of the French themselves - elegant, well dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess. No other country in the world produces a larger volume of quality wine than France.
French wines can be confusing because they rarely put the name of grape on the bottle. Instead they put a controlled place name, appearing on the lable as the AOC. France was the first country to legislate a system to codify viticultural and horticultural practices and protect geographical names of origin. Today, France has over 400 different appellations d'origine contrōlee (AOC).
There are ten major wine growing regions in France, plus a number of smaller.
* Bordeaux Wine, and growing region
* Bourgogne Wine, and Burgundy Region
* Champagne 
* Cognac 
* Côtes du Rhône
* Jura Wines
* Languedoc ( blog post at December 3, 2014)
* Loire Valley ( blog post at December 10, 2014)
* MédocThe Médoc ( blog post at December 17, 2014)
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  1. Hi Lauma, I started getting into drinking wine recently. I like a good one when I have steak. They just go so well together. :D I find that I like red wine more. Or the desert wine. Thanks for sharing the information. Its good to read up on the history.