piektdiena, 2015. gada 2. janvāris

1. Wear at least 70% selfmade clothes.
2. Sell or donate any cloth that I didn't wear last year.
3. Track any spending.
4. Blog everyday.
5. Start my Youtube channel.
6. Finish book till april.
7. Have 100 sells on my Etsy shop til february 25.
8. Do kalnciema market every week starting from summer.
9. Have my own shop til december ant Riga
10. Quit smoking.
11.Lose 1 kg every month.
12. Read 1 book every week.
13. Do weekly favourites.
14. Take a photo every day.
15. Upload 10 new Etsy shop Items every week .
16. Set up an emergency found.
17. Run at least 2 times in a week.
18. Learn at least 10 words in German every month.
19. Watch all IMDB top 100 movies.
20. Donate blood.
21. Find out my blood type.
22. Run 10 km at Nordea Riga marathon.
23. Floss every night.
24. Wash my face and moisturize every night.
25. have a manicure every day.
26. Start yoging.
27. Travel to a Island.
28. Hit 1000 followers on my blog.
29. Set u a sewing area.
30. Get my Pinterest together.
31. Do a giveaway.
32. Finish my business plan.
33. Set a deontologist appointment.
34. Learn how to edit HTML code for my blog.
35. Make my handmade Uno.
36. Redesign my blog.
37. Renovate my bathroom.
38. Organize my inspiration magazine box.
39. See the new Rotko exposition at Daugavpils.
40. Watch all O.C. seasons
41. Start a diary.
42. Get another tattoo.
43. Send out Christmas cards.
44. Write random notes in library books for someone to find.
45. Get new laptop.
46. Buy lottery every week til I win at least something.
47. make new friends.
48. For every task done save 5 Euro.
49. Be able to do 100 situps.
50. Read a book in russian.
51. read a book in English.
52. Buy a pair of fancy heels.
53. Host boyfriends birthday party.
54. Go to Opera.
55. Start studying.
56. Make a blanket for friends kid.
57. Go to Christmas Church.
58. Get professional manicure.
59. Take an IQ test.
60. Wake u every workday at 7 am.
61. Enjoy ice skating.
62. Buy car.
63. Have a real Christmas tree.
64. Visit AHA center in Tartu.
65. Become a Latvian National Library member.
66. Visit Madara in London.
67. Go to the Botanical garden.
68. Go to Ķemeru purvs.
69. Buy fancy perfume.
70. Buy fancy eyeshadows.
71. Buy a sewing machine.
72. Finish caret.
73. Start to design and sell Tshirts.
74. Start design and sell carpets.
75. Start design phone cases.
76. Go to the oculist and get glasses.
77. Do a full body inspection.
78. Give only handmade gifts all year.
79. Try to be vegetarian for at least month.
80. Drink at least 1 liter water every day.
81. Visit a zoo.

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