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Liguria is an Italian wine region located in the northwest region of Italy along the Italian Riviera. It is bordered by the Piedmont wine region to the north, the Alps and French wine region of Provence to the west.

Liguria has several Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) regions with the most notable being:
  • Cinque Terre DOC - The DOC was granted in 1973 and production is limited to the coastal areas of the Cinque Terre. The wine is produced from a must containing at least 40% of the Bosco grape( 11.11.2015.), But may also contain up to 40% of Albarola and/or Vermentino (8.07.2015.) and up to 20% of other wine - berried grapes approved for the Province of La Spezia. These wines tend to be dry, with straw yellow colour, and a delicate aroma. Typically, it is best drunk with the local cuisine, and especially with seafood.
  • Dolceacqua - producing wine from the indigenous Rossese grape.
  • Colli di Luni DOC - located in both Liguria and Tuscany in northwest Italy. This DOC produces both reds and white wines made primarily from Sangiovese (23.09.2015.) and Vermentino(8.07.2015.).
  • Colline di Levanto DOC - produces both red and white wines primarily from Sangiovese and Vermentino.Any grapes destined for this DOC wine production in Colline di Levanto must be harvested to a yield no greater than 1 tonnes/hectare with the finished wines needing to attain a minimum alcohol level of at least 11%.

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