ceturtdiena, 2015. gada 8. janvāris

Blogging tips I learned 2014.

I was surprised finding out that a new blog is created every half second!!! This is SO much content to read :) So it means I we have to be better than so many blogs, to make our readers entertained, but How?
I was started my blog at 2014 and readed vety much blogging tips. Here are few tips that I'm using and suggesting for everyone. I hope You will find something useful :)
Use images!
Not only it is visually pleasing but it is also interesting, you can share your emotions, inspirations and sometimes feelings also.
Always stay who you are!
No one wants to read something we all readed year ago, but You don't have to copy latest blog post you readed, even if it had a lot of comments or likes. There are nothing more exciting than read something you didn't know and can share with friends. And you can write something unique. How? Easy! We all are unique - just share your thoughts, ideas, personality...
Share your posts.
It's basic - how can I know that you have an amazing blog? Don't be shy and share your posts on twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram,bloglovin..
Have You signed up for Bloglovin? It is the best way i know to share your blog and discover new blogs.
Books, magazines, other blogs, news. You will get ideas, grammar and if you not only read other posts, but also communicate, you can reach new friends.
Leave comments and respond on comments in your blog.

And the most important - Do what makes you happy, It is your internet space and You can use it however You want! 

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