ceturtdiena, 2015. gada 29. janvāris

What's on my Android phone

  1. This icon shows that I do have an alarm ( For me it is impossible to get out of bed without alarm :D )
  2. Shows that I use WiFi - I always using WiFi when it is possible, because I don't see the point to use phone net, because it is slower and pretty expensive, and in Latvia You basically can find WiFi anywhere).
  3. Shows that my operator serving 3G in this area.
  4. Battery usage in %
  5. Battery usage level ( for me this icon is pointless, but I don't know how to get rid of ir. If You know, please, comment below)
  6. Clock :)
  7. Google search - I use this very often, I think it is useful when you want to find out any fact.
  8. My Bank - this has a great function - you can set amount of money you can see by only clicking on app - so you always know that on your account isn't less money than amount you set, but no one else  know's how much there is.
  9. Clock again, bigger and more comfortable to use.
  10. Date - since I don't have a daily job it  useful, because I lost date quit easy :D
  11. My social media folder
  12. Gallery
  13. Settings
  14. E-mails
  15. Phone
  16. SMS
  17. Home button
  18. Contacts
  19. Internet

20.  My facebook - if You want to follow me its -
21. My instagram - @STEINHARDLIVE
22. Facebook messenger for more comfortable socializing with Facebook friends
23. Twitter - @steinhardlive
24 - My tumblr 
25. Unfollowers app - have not use it since downloaded :D
26. Bloglovin - best app for bloggers - if You want to follow me here is link -
27. Etsy - my etsy shop -

28. Gmail - it is my private e-mail
29. Android mail - it is my Etsy e - mail.
30. School numbers - I'm obsessed with this app. I really suggest you to try it :)
31. Photo Editor - I promise I will try this app :D
32. Doulingo - great app - I'm learning German with this. It is easy and fun to learn with this app.
33. Waze - I'm not the best driver, that's why I use wave to concentrate on a driving not to think about where I have to drive :)
34. Public transport app - I'm using public transport on a daily bases so this app is must for me.
35. Polaris office - to open Word or Excel, PDF documents on a phone and edit them.
36. Candy Crush soda to kill some time :)
37. Delfi - local news app.
38. Daily yoga - I've been quite obsessed with yoga last time, but I don't feel it's something bad :D
40. Spotify
41. Ebay
42. Sims - downloaded this inspired by Alfie and Zoella Sims series but somehow never opened it :D
43. Sleep Bot - best alarm ever!!!

What's your favourite apps?

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