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Calabrian Wine

Calabrian is Italian wine from the Calabria region of Southern Italy. Over 90% of the region's wine production is red, with a large portion made from the Gaglioppo grape.
Gaglioppo performs well in drought conditions but is susceptible to odium and peronospora. The grape produces wine that is full bodied, high in alcohol and tannins with a need for considerable time in the bottle for it to soften in character.

Calabria is located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula and is characterized by its Mediterranean climate. To the north is the Apennine Mountains forming the border with Basilicata. The winter time conditions in the interior are cold and harsh, the majority of the region's wine production takes place in the central areas of the eastern and western coastlines.

The region of Calabria was first cultivated by the Oenotrians, and then by the Ancient Greeks.
For many centuries Calabrian wines were famous not just in Italy, but also in other European countries. Their glory began to dissipate, as competition arose from french regions such as Bordeaux which were closer both geographically and culturally to key markets such as London and Amsterdam.

Calabria has 12 DOC regions but only 4% of the production is classified as a DOC wine.

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