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Primer, tips, tricks,...

A flawless face is the basis of every great make up look. While foundation, concealer, etc. work wonders, I have one more trick for stunning result - primers. This stuff preps my skin for the perfect foundation application, it fills my lines, pores, it cancels my redness and dark circles, it keeps my makeup looking applied minute ago all day...
How to use them?

First and most important, useful tip I can share? Try a tinted formula!!! 

Primers, like Benefit That gal Brightening Face primer can add an amazing glow. I love this primer, I'm ready to tell everyone who can stand my rambling about how amazing it is :) It makes my dry skin appear more healthy and glowy, even under foundation the glow shines through.
Lilac shades brighten sallow skin, and green formulas neutralizes redness. 
My favourite redness eraser is physician Formula mineral Wear Correcting Primer in Green. It is amazing product - an oil free, with SPF, dispensed through the brush of a twist pen, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, paraben free,.....

Now when you have the best formula for your skin, what's next? My next tip is to remember - less is more! Yes, you don't need to coat your face fully with primer. I know it is not a proper tip, but it IS important! Use a very small amount and apply to your skin with fingertips and blend thoroughly. Wait a fer minutes before putting on foundation to allow the primer to sink in and create a smooth surface.

It is also worth mentioning that you need a separate eyeshadow primer. You can find soma amazing ones on the market.
Mac Paint Pots are one of my favourite. They are acrylic based which means they don't budge and they will hold colour on. They has a great consistency, they feel smooth and blend easily, and buying one you get a fairly great amount because you only need a tiny bit. The only one downside is the longevity of the product itself, my paint pots tend to go bad fairly quick ( about 6 months ).

Don't agree with me? Don't like Mac Paint Pots?

You can use , maybe, Urban Decay Primer Potion? This one of Urban Decay pioneer products. It is a good product overall, makes the eye shadows stay longer than usual and makes them more pigmented. Packaging and price are quite ok, but it is not my favourite priming product, but it is not bad at all, I just prefer Mac. 

We have primed our faces, eyelids, now it's the time for lashes! Yes, yes, you can prime lashes also! Why?
To get thicker, longer lashes! These formulas amplify sparse fringe and contain vitamin E  or glycerin to condition lashes. 
I'm using Lancome Cils Booster XL, the brush is thick and bushy and formulation tends to make lashes white, but I don't see it's I anyway use mascara after primer. This really make my lashes look noticeably longer and thicker. I'm applying only one coat, because even two coats and I have clumps and heavy weighted lashes.

We have a huge amount of make up on market, but remember - only you choose hoe much you need to use and the most important:
It is not a make up that makes us beautiful, it's joy of living, confidence and smile that makes us beautiful.

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