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My Wardrobe sorting tips

I absolutely believe that a clear uncluttered wardrobe filled with items I love is essential to good dressing. I think I do have only essentials, but of course my boyfriend thinks I do have way too much clothes :D What do I have and how I organize my wardrobe?

First fact - all my clothes have to:
  • Fit me
  • Make me feel like a top model :D
  • Are in good condition
  • I wear the regularly ( except for black dress and fancy heels )
The general rule for me is discard clothes that I have not worn for 1 year.
Yes it is hard for first times, because it feels like losing way too many clothes, but You are not wearing them anyway so they don't count :D

I as all the womens wish to create a wardrobe where everything goes with everything! How? I'm far away from perfect but these are my steps.

When I start sorting I usually divide my clothes in piles:
  • Anything that must go
  • Clothes that can be stored
  • Clothes that definitely stay in my closed
  • No more than 3 pieces that I do want to keep for sentimental reasons.
It is so easy to write it down here, but when I really have to do this ....

For me the must rule is to take action straight away - if I will not donate them today, they somehow will grow legs and walk back in closed and take a storage place again.

This pile step helps me understand my current style and then it is much easier to create a closed full of clothes that work for me. And again - easier said than done. When we think about this step - knowledge is power. The first thing I pay attention is my body type ( 23.03.2015. ).
Next thing I can find out looking on these piles I have is color range - If all my clothes is blue I may not need that red dress I never wear.
And maybe the most important part - do I have all the necessary basics for my style?

I always want to arrange the clothes by color, so I can easily find mach.
For me it is easier when only impossible to hang clothes goes in drawers - underwear, corks, accessories and bottoms.
I'm using a lot of hangers, because the drawers often goes messy even after one time I or my boyfriend have to find something.

Do You have some great tips?

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