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long lasting foundation tips

I think there is only one thing that is frustrating for me - when my foundation does not last for long enough. Obviously the foundation play a huge role, but over the years, over huge amount of different foundations I've learned some tricks that can prevent my foundations from sliding all over the face.

First and the most important rule is moisturize. You want to use moisturizer at least 10 minutes before applying any other product to your face - no matter foundation or primer. That really helps to blend the product into skin perfectly.

I suggest your next step to be primer - it creates a base. The primer will stop the product sinking into pores which does happen eventually over the course of the day if you do not have a base. 
Most decent make up  brands will have a primer in their make up range. It will also help to smooth out your skin, tone down uneven patches and redness. 
Most primers have a silica base to them which means they soften and smooth the surface of the skin.
I do have an extremely dry skin so if you too - use Laura Mercier Primer - it is AMAZING!!!

Buff the foundation in - do this using a buffing brush and using circular motions. The buffing brush I really love is Sigma F45 one .

Let's think - you have applied your concealer, then you go over with hopefully brush or beauty blender, you wipe away all your concealing work....
Do the foundation first and then with a small blending brush apply concealer where needed.

The most critical part is setting in - this can be through the form of powder or a spray. I tend to use powder, but that is just a personal preference.
When you apply the powder, please, do not drag the brush across your face - you'll wipe the foundation off, better pat the powder on.
also only powder where it's needed - mostly only a T - zone. Yes, powder does set foundation and help's lasting longer, but you don't want to take away all the nice foundation - work

Throughout the day avoid touching your face as this will take, the product off and place loads of bacteria on your skin.

Have a nice day and face :D

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