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Travel Sunday I My travel Tips

I've traveled a lot since I remember myself, of course there is at least million people around the globe who have traveled a lot more than I am, but these are my best tips, I've discovered.

1. Rize and shine

Rise earlier than you ever done it at home, you will have all city to yourself - without any crowds. You will have most amazing photos to share with friends, due the magical lightning and the best - you will have longer day to see more amazing places!

2. Cash!!!

This is extra important - cash is king in all city around the world. To cover your head up in some unexpected situations, always make sure to stash cash in a few different places - I recommend to have some 3-5 places each worth few days of living in the destination. Why? There are millions of reasons - you can lose your wallet, break your credit card, there is no ATMs, there is no pos terminal,...
Some of my favourite stock places are 
  • under shoe inserts
  • under phone case ( yeap you will need that ugly big case to do that :) )
  • in a make up bag

3. Take huuuuuge amount of photos.

Yo never know what can happen tomorrow - maybe it is the only time you are visiting this place, so remember this place, people you met and emotions you had forever with plenty of photos. I believe that great photos are the best ever souvenir - they are cheap ( actually they don't cost anything if you already have camera), they are easy to share with friends even if it is not possible to met all them, and they don't take a space in your tiny luggage.

4. Don't forget you still have a family and friends.

Stay in touch - call your family and friends, but even best way, if you are away from home for a longer time is the old fashioned way - write them letter or send postcard from place you are.

5. Be patient

even life is too short to sweat the stuff you can not change, traveling time is even shorter - you miss the plane, train, bus??? I promise you - there will be another. Airport lost your luggage? Great - go out of your comfort zone and try to buy as less as possible to live for few days. Just breath deep and smile :)

Please, feel free to Share you tips with me in comment section :)

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