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Lugana Wine

Lugana wine was a white wine of old origin but almost unknown outside it's small production area. The Lugana producing area is located in southern coast of lake Garda, on the border between Lombardia and Veneto, Brescia ( 7.10.2015. ) and Verona ( 14.10.2015. ). The whole coast of lake has been inhabited since prehistoric age. In Roman Time, gorgeous villas were built on panoramic spots. The fertile soil and abundance of water was exploited for the production of grains, olive oil and wine.
It has discovered by wine lovers no more than 20 years ago and is now becoming more and more popular, in Italy and abroad.

Lugana is made mainly with local grape varietal called Turbiana, a grape of unclear origins.

The wine produced in the historical lugana Wine producing area was registered as a DOC in 1967, among the very first ones to be protected by Italian wine regulation.

Ideal service temperature of 8-10 C / 47 - 50 F

Lugana wine color ranges from the typical bright straw yellow to a slightly greenish shade. after few years of aging it acquires golden highlights. Thanks to it's structure Lugana is one of the few white wines that can age.

Lugana has a very intense bouquet yet elegant and well balanced. The palate is dry but fresh.

Lugana is an incredibly flexible wine in case of food pairing

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