pirmdiena, 2014. gada 30. jūnijs

What's in my travel make up bag

It's not only my travel make up bag - it's my actual everyday make up bag. I love it so much not only, because my mom sew me it, but also because it's so comfortable - it has the best proportion of size and volume :)

If I am going on a vacation I am grabbing with myself this AVON Advance Tehniques Heat Protection Spray, not because I am thinking about fancy hairstyles. No! Not at all! It's protecting my hair from sun :)
Second beauty/skincare product I can not live withouth even one day is AVON Solutions Truly radiant tinted moisturiser for mornings and NIVEA Aqua Effect moisturiser for night time routine. Since it's travelling make up bag I don't want to wear foundation, so I am taking with myself AVON Magix Face Perfector to reduce my pores and get rid of redness, then apply some BB cream - I like AVON Solutions BB cream in shade Medium. I usually mix this with my moisturizes and apply to my face not only to cover my defects, but also for maximum moisturising.
Of course I need some colors also - Catrice eyeshadow palette Pretty Little lillacs, L'OREAL PARIS Glam Shine Lip Gloss in shade Fresh Fuchsia or Catrice Lip stick - Princess Peach

Disclaimes - No one pays me for listing those products. These are things I realy like and want to share my opinion of them with you.

Happy travelling and thanks for reding :)

svētdiena, 2014. gada 29. jūnijs

Midsummer celebration

Midsummer is the most celebrated traditional festival in Latvia
For the second year we went to Saldus to celebrate midsummer with friends. one of my friends have a farm near to Saldus. We usually celebrate midsummer there, because there is a lot of space for big company, big lawn where make tents and dance. But this year weather was such bad that everyone slept in the house on the ground ( maybe because no one has that many beds on the house :D ), because of rain and cold.

We arrived the day before, to help prepare.

Morning we spent in the city for shopping. Me and my boyfriend started shopping with picking yoga mats and sleeping bags, as we decided not to build tent this year. Fortunately we managed very good deal for sleeping bags and we decided to pick up rain jackets. Later due to our Discovery rain jackets our friends started to call us "Discovery Team" :D
Then we bought beer, which is traditional midsummer drink and meat to grill, vegetables to grill, because we have vegetarians in our company and fruits for snacking. 

Very nice was arrival at the celebration venue - incredibly friendly dog. Later we found out that the dog was so nice, because ha was hiding from the older dog, you can see her behind me, he was irritated earlier :)

Then we started to work while it wasn't raining, starting by grass cutting.

And of course taking pictures :) 
When we was done with grass, guys started to brought tents to protect us from rain and wind.

While guys worked, girls had time to take pictures with dogs and chill.

Nothing is better then beer in the middle of work.

Cute pictures after we made marinated chicken and deer meat, and marinated vegetables to grill them later.

We had the most beautiful sunset ever.

The kicker was that in the evening I saw a hedgehog who strolled strawberries.

The next morning we started with cornflower collection to make flower wreath, which is another midsummer tradition in Latvia.  
While we walked for flowers the puppy discovered how good sleeping bags we bought.

Of course that isn't ancient Latvian tradition, but it's so lovely, that selfie with friends would become my Midsummer tradition.
The weather really wasn't the nicest, but looking at these photos, I had little joy - at good weather conditions, I wouldn't be able to grt such beautiful cloud pictures.

By Latvian folk traditions Midsummer night's is magic, you can see the future. So this night you drop your flower wreath in yhe oak. Hoe many times it's falling shows how many years you will not getting married. So my wedding will be after three years!

I hope you all had good Midsummer celebration and managed to see Sunrise.

Thank You for reading this :*

trešdiena, 2014. gada 18. jūnijs

Great boulder of Nīcgale

It's the biggest known boulder in Latvia.

close to the rock is a very nice place for picnic

Latgale Art and Craft Centre

By falling into the Daugava, the Dubna river forms a peninsula on which in 1533 the land owner at that time baron Liven established a manor house. In the place at the old manor Latgale Art and Craft Centre is situated now providing various offers to tourists, artists and craftsman.
Latgale Art and Craft Centre was established in 2003.
Beside the constant historical crafts exhibition located in the renewed manor's building, the modern part of house offers temporary art exhibitions that change on monthly bases.
The first thing we saw on entering the museum room, was the big wooden basket that once carried a food firewood.

This is how flour was obtained earlier

Not easy - I tried :D

This is very interesting interior decor, made of grain straw. Earlier people believed that the more corners are created, the better will be the grain harvest.

I couldn't believe, and I think You will not be able to believe it, but You are looking at a old time hair straighteners and curling iron.
It was held on the coals till it was hot.
I am very happy that I am living today 

The Lielvārde belt is an element of national folk costume which contains information about the genesis of the cosmos and Latvians. In the Lielvārde belt, there are up to 22 symbols/ornaments. This is the longest Lielvārde belt ever been made.

Even at the beginning of the 20th century the vīzes could been made in every home - because the footwear was very flimsy and quickly ruptured. Most of the vīzes made of lime peel, or luke, who ripped up about 1-2 cm wide. In the province widely used footwear was pastal, made from ledder.

Folk costume in Latvia has played and still plays an important symbolic role in presentation of national values and cultural herritage.
Today folk costume has a different application than in earlier centuries and now it is worn only on festive occasions or during performances.