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Happy Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 32, usually by children dressing in costumes and going door to door collecting candy.

Halloween is one of the oldest holidays, but it didn't start out as a holiday for costumes, trick or treating or carving pumpkins. Halloween wouldn't what it is today if not for the Celtic holiday of Samhain, an ancient celebration of the spirits of the dead. A Roman festival called Feralia is another Halloween inspiration. On the day of Samhain, the Celtic people would all extinguish their home's hearth fire. They would gather in front of a blessed bonfire and would sing, dance and listen to the stories that where told during the celebration. At the end of the evening each person would take some of the bonfire home to relight their heart fire in hopes of ensuring good fortune to their home and family for the coming year.
By the 19th centuriy, most of the religous aspects of the Halloween celebration had dwinled away it was mostly a secular holiday, a gathering of comunity with only some of remnants of the past clinging to it like the cobwebs of a haunted house. People would still dress up in costume, but less for the original reason of confusing  the dead and more for just plain entertainment and fun.
Eventually, the holiday we know as Halloween become known this way after Christian missionaries set out to tamper with the ways the Celts practiced religion. The holiday really began to change following the Roman's domination over most of the Celtic territory.
Samhain was declared pagan as Christianity spread, and a celebration associated with the devil and all things evil. Since Druids were priests and scholars of the practice deemed pagan, the scholary men were seen as worshipers of evil and the Devil. Christians categorizes the underworld of the Celts as tied in the Hell.

The Halloween celebrated today has elements of several different religious and cultural traditions.

Europian imigrants brought many of their traditions and beliefs with them to the New World. Halloween itself was largely disallowed, even forbidden, but in Maryland, the tradition was not only allowed but encouraged.

There are still many, especially among fundamentalist Christians, who believe that Halloween is nothing more than a celebration of paganism because of some traditions that are involved.

While there are obviously parts of the globe that do not recognize or celebrate it, Halloween around the world is a traditional holiday that is considered one of the oldest in history.
Happy Halloween everyone :)

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Bourgogne/Burgundy Wine

Burgundy / French - Bourgogne/ is an administrative and historical region of east central France.Burgundy has a higher number of appellations ( AOC ) than any other French regions.This region may be small in size but it's influence is huge in the wine-world.
With evidence of wine grapes planted by the Celts and Roman soldiers growing grapes dating back to the first century, Burgundy was recognized early an as premier real estate for growing grapes.
The soils of Burgundy are extremely varied, in their richness, depth and mineral content. The soils vary no only from one end of the region to other, but also within a single area - for example, from the top of hill to the bottom, or from one vineyard plot to the next.
The climate in Burgundy  is continental for the most part - fairly warm summers and cold winters. The region is northerly enough and cool enough that the grapes just about ripen in most years.
The Burgundy regions runs from Auxerre in the North to M`acon in the South.
* M`acon produces well known wines from the Chardonnay grape. The best known appellation is Pouilly Fuiss`e.
*Auxerre has a rich varieties of famous regional wines - Chablis wine - one of the best white wine varieties in the country, made exclusively of Chardonnay in the Chablis AOC.
Chablis is by far the most notherly Burgunsy's region, known exclusively for dry white wines.
The Côte Chalonnaise generally regarded as a lesser district. It still produces some extremely fine wines, both red and white.
The Mâconnais the southern limit of Burgundy. Wines tend to be cheaper and made for drinking young but can be excellent value.
85 miles southeast of Chablis is the Cōte d'Or, where Burgundy's most famous and most expensive wines originate. The Cōte d'Or itself is split in two parts:
* Cōte de Nuits - Unlike other wine regions of France, such as Bordeaux, winemaking in the Cōte de Nuits exist on a very small scale. It is home to about 24 Grand Cru vineyards. Some white wine is produced there too, but the reds are the region's glory.
* Cōte de Beaune - named after medieval village that is heart of wine commerce in Burgundy. Known for bouth - red and whites.
Burgundy is one of the France's main wine producing areas. It is well known for both - red and white wines, mostly made of Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes, although other grape varieties can be found - Gamay, Aligote, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc.
The reputation and quality of the top wines has lend to the demand amnd high prices, with some Burgundies ranking among the most expensive wines in the world.
Remember that you won't find Chardonnay or Pinot Noir on the lable of a Burgundy, you are looking for specific producting regions, village or estates.

Wish You to have great experience to find out something for you from great Bourgogne <3

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How Highly Successful People Find Motivation

Do You too think that successful people are just lucky? I was, I really was thinking like that, or like they have a special elixir to drink, or they have a successful faces or something :D
Of course it isn't the truth. But here are some thoughts/actions they really do or have to achieve their goals.
How I know this? I studied and readed a lot, because I want to be successful some day, and there are only few of Tips being mentioned almost by anyone of people I found successful.
At first they all mentioned that they remind themselves that they've had successful days. It's just that feeling that You know you've had accomplishments before, so they can get through a challenge again. I'm trying everyday to remember myself that challenges or frustration isn't something bad or something I can't get through.Somehow it comes to next tip - keep on keeping on, over and over. For me it's the one of hardest. It need a big trust in our selves to not let it go, but keep trying while You finally have it, but always remember - the pain of discipline is greater than the pain of failure.Sometimes it's hard, at least for me it's hard almost everyday, but what helps to me? I'm not afraid to ask for help, I have my boyfriend, he always help's me, reminding me that I have to keep practicing and do things, he reminds me what and why I'm doing my stuff and it helps me a LOT.  It means a lot, because sometimes if I feel that everything is falling and going wrong, he helps me to move farther. He don't let me to freeze up and motivates me to do, to keep going. I believe that He is the reason I can do so much, I wouldn't be able to do that much only by my self. Why? No it's not like I don't believe in my self! I do, but He helps, he make it fun for me :) He do something that push me to enjoy what I do, so when the going gets rough, I just take a break and do something fun. This reconnects me to reality :) and refocus me to get trough whatever are facing me.
The most important thing/tip/hack is to never stop learning!!! It's not always meaning university, just keep reading, communicate with people who do something inspiring, watch documentaries...

Remember - You can do ANYTHING if You believe in Yourself!!!

Keep dreaming and do big things <3

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Top 5 Friday I Top 5 lifestyle changes to stay healty

I'm trying my best to stay healthy, because I'm very scared to feel bad, be overweight and feel ill. Tips I'm using everyday are:
* Lose weight - There are countless reasons for losing weight. People who are overweight are more likely to develop heart disease. It can raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol and can lead to diabetes. Losing weight isone of the best ways to reduce your risk of heart problems.
How I control my weight? When i'm bored or frustrated, I'm taking a walk instead of snacking. Usually I'm packing my lunch from home, but sitting in front of computer I'm snacking some carrot sticks. Actuaaly I think I'm carrot addict :D And also I'm looking for ways to incorporate more activity into my daily routine, as simple as I don't use elevator - stairs are my best cardio.
* Healthy and only healty food. I'm always trying to use healthier fats,Low fat dairy, olives, peanut and canola oils. I'm trying hard to eliminate trans fats they can be found in all fried foods, cookies, crackers, snak cakes, instead I'm trying to choose whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and they are great snack also, my family also like my experiments with vegetable based soups and stir fries.
* Exercise at least 4 days in a week. Wheather You are overweight or not exercise can add so much fun, happyness and pride to Your life. How to stay motivated? I have my exercise buddy so we keep each other motivated and don't let to skip "Only today" :) And remember, it's not always have to be insane workout, at leat take stairs instead of the elevator, do a few situps while comercial.
* Quit smoking, seriously, just quit it! If You smoke STOP!! Just 20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure decreases, 24 hours and your risk of heart attack decreses. You don't waste your money, you don't stink, you can exercise easyies and it's so easy to be stylish/non smoker.
* Drink some wine or beer only in moderation. For healthy adults, that means up to drink a day for women of all ages and men two drinks for man younger than 65. I like my glas of wine to dinner, but drinking too much can lead to serious health problems.

Make sure the changes You choosed to make You can continue everyday, and don't be dissapointed if you don't see results imediately. Any good thing takes time :)

Good luck!


A bordeaux is basically any wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France. But basically...'s just the name conjures up all sorts of extraordinary wine expecations, but it's also not all about...What comes in my mind when someone talks about Bordeaux? I believe Bordeaux is the modern day red wine MECCA. It's a famous winemaking region, it has amazing maritime climate, huge collection of grape varieties, well honed traditions as well as complicated classification system, It's simply just a wine wonderland.
The Bordeaux region was introduced to wine by Romans, probably in the mid 1 century.
In the 12th century, the popularity of Bordeaux wines incresed dramatically, thanks to Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine marriage. Why? Because the marriage made the province of Aquitaine, part of the Angevin Empire and the wine of Bordeaux was exported to England.
The export of Bordeaux was interrupted by the Hundred Years War between France and England in 1337, by the end of war France was taking the controle of the wine production in the region.
In the 1855, the Ch`ateaux of Bordeaux were classified and this classification remains widely used today.
The major reason for the success of winemaking in the Bordeaux region is the excellent environment for growing wines. Region is located in the south west corner of France just a miles from Atlantic ocean. The Gulf Stream exerts a warming influence on the region, yet summer weather can be fickle and inconsistent, making it head pain when it comes to getting grapes to fully ripen.
Climat is a critical player in vintage quality year in and year out. The best vintages are always warm ones, Bodeaux actually can be a cool climate for red grapes, which need plentyof sun toreach full maturity, with optimal levels of sugar and tannin, mature grapes always create great wines.
Three rivers do their best to define Bordeaux, effectively dividing the region into two primary sections - worldwide known as the left and right bank. Lover laying designated as the Left bank and includes the regions of the 
1. Medoc
2. Graves.
The gently sloping land on the north side of the Gironde is considered the Right bank, maintaind two tributaries
1. Garonne
2. Dordogne
The soil of Bordeaux's Right bank steers towards limestone and clay, functioning like a sponge to hold water, making it the ideal soil to grow the softer side of early ripening Merlot.
Don't expect to find the grapes on the lables of Bordeaux wines, You will find anything - produces name, various villages, AOC designations and appellations, but grapes? No! Why? Bordeaux - it's where grapes are grow, terrior, village region, it's most important than grape varieties. Don't be grape centric, enjoy finding Your favourite producer, Right or Left bank, terior....whats make this wine so great? Combination af the climate. the soil, terrior...
Generally red Bordeaux is made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Carm`en`ere.
White Bordeaux is second in domination list in this region and exclusive in the case of the sweet Sauternes made from S`emillon, Muscadelle and Sauvignon Blanc. As with the reds, white Bordeaux wines are usually blends. Bordeaux red wines are the regions most vocal ambassadors, like a living legend.
In the late 1960s S`emillon was the most planted grape in Bordeaux, since then, it has been in constant decline altrough it still is the most common of Bordeaux white wine grapes.

Buying Bordeaux wine can be an experience for newbies. To gain an grip on buying these wines, You need to recall that the Right bank is dominated by Merlot, but the Left Bank by Cabernet Sauvignon.

Enyoj the experiment by tasting the Merlot :)

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Sparkling everyday outfit ideas

I do like compfy clothes and cozy outfits, but still I'm a girl, wannabe lady :D That's why I started to look for some sparkle in my fall wardrobe. Let's se what I found.
1. Cozy sweatshirt with sparkle and sprinkly purse I founded at And Also I like scarf, maybe I will try to DIY it :) A Sweatshirt with subtle for details would be a great addition to work wardrobe.
2. Another great way ir sparkly heel being paired with an everyday outfit. I like to pair basic everyday or boyfriend style jeans with a sparkly heel.
3. Blazer, Jacket, Jumper are great if I'm looking for something that I can wear from day to night. It will easy transform into the night outfit if I want to go out with friends, I think a fully sequined blazer is great for social events.
4. Just a little, thiny something special to add some SOMETHING SPECIAL to our's everyday work or school outfits.
5. While I always tought that sparkly trousers are made only for partying , they actually work for eberyday if You have a talant to dress them down with a slouch sweater or some matt cape.
6. Sparkling skirt, I never had or wanted skirt like this, but when I saw this on, I finded out that I don't want them! I NEED them.

Have a Nice Sparkly fall!

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All I Know About French Wine

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.The wines produced ranges from expensive High end  wines to more modest wines. The style of French wines echoes that of the French themselves - elegant, well dressed, showing an appreciation for the good things of life but never to excess. No other country in the world produces a larger volume of quality wine than France.
French wines can be confusing because they rarely put the name of grape on the bottle. Instead they put a controlled place name, appearing on the lable as the AOC. France was the first country to legislate a system to codify viticultural and horticultural practices and protect geographical names of origin. Today, France has over 400 different appellations d'origine contrōlee (AOC).
There are ten major wine growing regions in France, plus a number of smaller.
* Bordeaux Wine, and growing region
* Bourgogne Wine, and Burgundy Region
* Champagne 
* Cognac 
* Côtes du Rhône
* Jura Wines
* Languedoc ( blog post at December 3, 2014)
* Loire Valley ( blog post at December 10, 2014)
* MédocThe Médoc ( blog post at December 17, 2014)
Thank You for reading and I'll meet You all next wednesdays :)

10 interesting food facts

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It's all about Champagne

Champagne is the name ot the world's most famous sparkling wine, it's also the name of appellation under which it is sold, and it's the French wine region from which it comes. The first wines produced in Champagne, more than thousand years ago, were unlike these we know today, there was nothing like the variety of styles we now enjoy.
Champagne's fame and success is, of course, bubbles, which make it stand out from less exciting wines, which make it feel somewhat exclusive and special.
Champagne region lies at thr northen edge of the world's wineyard growing areas. It is kind of cool climate, the growing season is rarely warm enough to ripen grapes to the levels required for standart winemaking.
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the primary grape varieties used to make Champagne. Once upon a time, a much larger range of varieties was used, but this has been refined over the centuries.
Each Champagne variety has it's own particular qualities and benefits:
*Pinot Noir contributes good palate weight and darker meaty aromas
* Chardonnay is said to bring elegance and finesse to Champagnes, along with certain creamy roundness, fruity aromas.
The production process for Champagne is similar that for other wines, but includes an additional stage, during which a second fermentation is started in the bottle by the addition of yeast and sugars.This generates the carbon dioxide bubbles responsible for the pop and sparkle.

Enjoy Your flute of bubbling drink and remember - You can find something to celebrate in every day of Your amazing life <3