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Tasty Tuesday I Asparagus Salad with Radish

Makes - 4 servings
Prep time - 15 minutes


 One bunch of asparagus
2 tablespoons vinegar ( I prefer balsamic, but you can use white too)
1 tablespoon soy sauce ( if you prefer to reduce salt in your diet skip this)
2 tablespoon oil ( I like grape seed oil, but you can use coconut, olive, avocado )
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon grated garlic
1 big bunch of radishes
1 cup of sliced onion


Fill a medium sauce pan with a ice cold water and second pan fill with 3 cm water and bring to a boil.

Slice asparagus in pieces you prefer ( I like smaller pieces, because it is easier to cover them with sauce and seasonings.
Boil asparagus for about 2 minutes or until tender crisp and transfer them into ice water.
When asparagus is cooled down drain them well.
Combine vinegar, soy sauce, oil ginger and garlic in a large bowl. 
Add the asparagus, thinly sliced radish and onion in bowl and toss to combine.
Serve well refrigerated.
Have a nice appetite:)

About ingredients: 

Asparagus scientific name Asparagus officinalis is a spring vegetable. It was one classified in the lily family like onions and garlic, but now there is separate asparagus family. 
Only young asparagus shoots are commonly eaten - once the buds start to open, the shoots quickly turn woody.
Water makes up to 93% of asparagus, it is low in calories and very low in sodium. It is a good source of vitamin B6 ( 9.05.2015. ), calcium ( 16.05.2015. ), Magnesium ( 11.04.2015. ), and a very good source of dietary fibre, protein and lots of vitamins.

Tasty Tuesday I Spinach Salad

Prep Time - 5 minutes
Makes about 4 servings


300 grams / 8 ounces fresh baby spinach
100 grams / 1/2 cup feta, brinza or soft goat cheese
1/2 small red onion, sliced thinly ( you can skip this if you don't like )
1/2 dried cranberries
2 tablespoons sliced almonds


1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 
1 orange - squeeze juice and use peal to gel orange zest
1 garlic clove
a bit of salt and pepper


Wash and clean spinach, if you don't have baby spinach tear into bite size pieces and place in a large serving bowl.
Crumble cheese and add half of it together with onions, toss to combine.
Combine dressing ingredients in a smaller mixing bowl.
Pour over salad and toss.
Sprinkle with remaining cheese, almonds and berries.

About Ingredients:

Spinach -  Value per 100 grams ( 3,5 oz)
Energy - 97 kJ / 23 kcal
Carbohydrates - 3,6 grams
Sugars - 0,4 grams
Dietary fiber - 2,2 grams
Fat - 0,4 grams
Protein 2,9 grams

In a 100 g serving portion only 23 calories, spinach has a high nutritional value, especially when fresh, frozen, steamed or quickly boiled. It is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C ( 4.04.2015. ), Vitamin K, magnesium ( 11.04.2015. ), manganese ( 18.04.2015. ), folate ( 25.04.2015. ) and iron ( 2.05.2015. ).

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Travel Sunday I My travel Tips

I've traveled a lot since I remember myself, of course there is at least million people around the globe who have traveled a lot more than I am, but these are my best tips, I've discovered.

1. Rize and shine

Rise earlier than you ever done it at home, you will have all city to yourself - without any crowds. You will have most amazing photos to share with friends, due the magical lightning and the best - you will have longer day to see more amazing places!

2. Cash!!!

This is extra important - cash is king in all city around the world. To cover your head up in some unexpected situations, always make sure to stash cash in a few different places - I recommend to have some 3-5 places each worth few days of living in the destination. Why? There are millions of reasons - you can lose your wallet, break your credit card, there is no ATMs, there is no pos terminal,...
Some of my favourite stock places are 
  • under shoe inserts
  • under phone case ( yeap you will need that ugly big case to do that :) )
  • in a make up bag

3. Take huuuuuge amount of photos.

Yo never know what can happen tomorrow - maybe it is the only time you are visiting this place, so remember this place, people you met and emotions you had forever with plenty of photos. I believe that great photos are the best ever souvenir - they are cheap ( actually they don't cost anything if you already have camera), they are easy to share with friends even if it is not possible to met all them, and they don't take a space in your tiny luggage.

4. Don't forget you still have a family and friends.

Stay in touch - call your family and friends, but even best way, if you are away from home for a longer time is the old fashioned way - write them letter or send postcard from place you are.

5. Be patient

even life is too short to sweat the stuff you can not change, traveling time is even shorter - you miss the plane, train, bus??? I promise you - there will be another. Airport lost your luggage? Great - go out of your comfort zone and try to buy as less as possible to live for few days. Just breath deep and smile :)

Please, feel free to Share you tips with me in comment section :)

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Healthy Saturday I Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a group of unsaturated nutritional organic compounds, that includes retinol and several carotenoids, among which beta - carotene is the most important.
Vitamin A has multiple functions:
  • It is important for growth and development, for the maintenance of the immune system and good vision.
  • Vitamin A is also needed by the retina of the eye in the form of retinal.
  • Vitamin a also functions in a very different role as retinoic, which is important hormone like growth factor for epithelial and other cells.
Vitamin A comes from animal sources, such as eggs, meat, milk, cheese, cream, liver, kidney, cod and fish oil. All of these sources that has been fortified with vitamin A are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

If you don't get enough vitamin A, you are more likely to get infectious diseases and vision problems.
If you get too much vitamin A, you also can become sick. 

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Fashion Friday I How to Dress Your Body Type?

It is not a secret that the clothes which flatter you best will depend on your body shape. Nowadays the fashion choice is so varied that there is something for everyone. Today it is no matter what scale, height, proportion ar body shape you are.
Because when it comes to looking good, it is not your size or mood that matters, it is the fit of your clothes. but wearing the clothes that fits you is not about following the latest fashion trends, it is about choosing what suits you.

The Inverted Triangle. To determine if you are this type of body, look at yourself in mirror in your most expensive, most beautiful underwear. Why most beautiful and expensive underwear? For no reason - just for fun and for feeling yourself beautiful! Stand with your legs together and arms a bit away from sides. Do you see the Inverted Triangle?
If You think You see the triangle you can check yourself!
Do You:
  • Have wider shoulders than hips?
  • Wear a larger size on your top half than bottom?
If you answered "Yes" on both of questions - congratulations - You are the Inverted Triangle! So you should:
  • Keep bold details, fluffiness, ornaments, and anything that makes you broader to your lower half and keep your top half clean, classy and unornamented. 
  • Wider belt are your best friend - create the illusion of a waist!
  • Avoid necklines , big straps, halterneck tops or big shawls that make you broader on top.
  • Delete "shoulder pads" from your vocabulary! You will never use it!
  • Avoid any boyfriend jeans, clumsy sweaters, oversized anything - you need your silhouette, show your waist, be beautiful and womanly....
  • I'm sorry, but clutch bags are not made for you :(
You can catch some inspiration from these gorgeous ladies:

You're not Inverted triangle? Wait a bit and check which body type you are:
  • The Rectangle Body Shape - 3.04.2015.
  • Apple Body Shape - 10.04.2015.
  • Pear Body Shape - 17.04.2015.
  • Neat Hourglass body Shape - 24.04.2015.
  • Full Hourglass Body Shape - 1.05.2015.

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Arneis is a white Italian wine grape variety originating from Piedmont, Italy. It is most commonly found in the hills of the Roero, northwest of Alba, where it is part of the white DOCG wines of Roero. 

Wine historians disagree on how long Arneis has been in the Piedmont region and under what name. a potential root of the name Arneis in the Piedmontese dialect, renesi, makes an appearance in the description of several different grape varieties in the 15th century.
Some historians believe that Arneis maybe the Ranaysii grape that has documented in 1432 growing in province of Tourino.

Arneis historical role has been as a softening for Nebbiolo, though today the grape is more commonly seen as a varietal wine.
In the United States, Arneis is mostly found in California Wine region of Sonoma Country and the Oregon.
Most of plantings of Arneis are found in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont Where the grape is used in the wines of the Roero and Langhe DOCs.
The Arneis can be a difficult grape to cultivate, with naturally low acidity and tendency to get over ripe it is harvested in September.
In the past couple of decades, Arneis has become synonymous with the wines of Roero. There it produces floral scented white wines whose delicate aromas, typically of pear and apricot rounded out with a creamy hint of hazelnut.

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Nail Care tips

Who doesn't know that well manicured nails are an integral part of a neat, pulled together appearance. Unfortunately, style experts says both, men and women fall prey to myths about how to care for nails.
To help set the record straight and get myself on the road to beautiful nails I have found these tips:
  • Don't cut cuticles

Leave Your cuticles alone, this is the natural barrier to fungus and bacteria - once You breach that, protection is lost. Cutting cuticles will not only make your hands look worse - red, swollen and ragged, but also land you a nasty infection that harms the nail bed and leads to permanent nail damage.
If you're hoping to make your nails appear longer, you can push your cuticles back gently with a wooden orange stick.
  • Moisturize nail bed and cuticle
Moisturizing nail bed will help nails grow, it also can make cuticles look better and help protect nails from breaking due to a lack of moisture.
  • Avoid acetone based polish removers
It has been documented time and again that it stris the nails, causing them to become brittle.
  • Remember - toenails count too
Basically everything that applies to your fingernails applies to your toenails.

Any other steps are so individual and mostly are only nail design steps. 
Keep Your hands beautiful and have a nice day :)

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Calabrian Wine

Calabrian is Italian wine from the Calabria region of Southern Italy. Over 90% of the region's wine production is red, with a large portion made from the Gaglioppo grape.
Gaglioppo performs well in drought conditions but is susceptible to odium and peronospora. The grape produces wine that is full bodied, high in alcohol and tannins with a need for considerable time in the bottle for it to soften in character.

Calabria is located at the "toe" of the Italian peninsula and is characterized by its Mediterranean climate. To the north is the Apennine Mountains forming the border with Basilicata. The winter time conditions in the interior are cold and harsh, the majority of the region's wine production takes place in the central areas of the eastern and western coastlines.

The region of Calabria was first cultivated by the Oenotrians, and then by the Ancient Greeks.
For many centuries Calabrian wines were famous not just in Italy, but also in other European countries. Their glory began to dissipate, as competition arose from french regions such as Bordeaux which were closer both geographically and culturally to key markets such as London and Amsterdam.

Calabria has 12 DOC regions but only 4% of the production is classified as a DOC wine.

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My Wardrobe sorting tips

I absolutely believe that a clear uncluttered wardrobe filled with items I love is essential to good dressing. I think I do have only essentials, but of course my boyfriend thinks I do have way too much clothes :D What do I have and how I organize my wardrobe?

First fact - all my clothes have to:
  • Fit me
  • Make me feel like a top model :D
  • Are in good condition
  • I wear the regularly ( except for black dress and fancy heels )
The general rule for me is discard clothes that I have not worn for 1 year.
Yes it is hard for first times, because it feels like losing way too many clothes, but You are not wearing them anyway so they don't count :D

I as all the womens wish to create a wardrobe where everything goes with everything! How? I'm far away from perfect but these are my steps.

When I start sorting I usually divide my clothes in piles:
  • Anything that must go
  • Clothes that can be stored
  • Clothes that definitely stay in my closed
  • No more than 3 pieces that I do want to keep for sentimental reasons.
It is so easy to write it down here, but when I really have to do this ....

For me the must rule is to take action straight away - if I will not donate them today, they somehow will grow legs and walk back in closed and take a storage place again.

This pile step helps me understand my current style and then it is much easier to create a closed full of clothes that work for me. And again - easier said than done. When we think about this step - knowledge is power. The first thing I pay attention is my body type ( 23.03.2015. ).
Next thing I can find out looking on these piles I have is color range - If all my clothes is blue I may not need that red dress I never wear.
And maybe the most important part - do I have all the necessary basics for my style?

I always want to arrange the clothes by color, so I can easily find mach.
For me it is easier when only impossible to hang clothes goes in drawers - underwear, corks, accessories and bottoms.
I'm using a lot of hangers, because the drawers often goes messy even after one time I or my boyfriend have to find something.

Do You have some great tips?

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Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin that is most well known for the important role it plays in blood clotting. Vitamin K is also absolutely essential to building strong bones, preventing heart disease.

The absolute best way to achieve healthy bones is a diet in fresh, raw whole foods that maximizes natural minerals so your body has the raw materials it needs to do what it was designed to do. Vitamin K2 serves as the biological "glue" that helps plug calcium and other important materials into our bone matrix.
A number of studies have shown that vitamins K1 and K2 are effective against cancer.
Fermented foods, such as natto, typically have the highest concentration of vitamin K found in the diet. Adding traditionally fermented foods to our diet is a must.

Vitamin K1 is obtained from leafy greens and some other vegetables.
Vitamin K2 is a group of compounds largely obtained from meats, cheeses, and eggs.
Suggested natural vitamin K group sources is

While vitamin K deficiencies are rare in adults, they are very common in newborn infants. A single injection for newborns is standard.

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Abruzzo Wine

Abruzzo is an Italian wine region located in the mountainous central Italian region of Abruzzo along the Adriatic Sea. 
It is bordered by the Molise wine region ( 21.10.2015. ) to the south, Marche ( 28.10.2015. ) to the north and Lazio to the west. The Abruzzo region has the Apennines running along its western border and includes Corno Grande, the highest point on mainland Italy. The mountain range serves as a tempering influence, blocking many storms that come in from the west.
o the east, the adriatic sea provides moderating Mediterranean climate for the vineyards that run along an west east orientation in calcareous clay river valleys that flow from the mountains to the seas.

Winemaking traditions in Abruzzo date back to the sixth century B.C. thanks to the Etruscans, who played a major role in introducing viniculture to the area.

Today more than 42 million cases of wine are produced annually in Abruzzo, making it the fifth most productive region in Italy, but only about 20 % of which is made under the DOC designation.

The most notable wine of the region is Montepulciano d'Abruzzo produced by the Montepulciano ( 12.08.2015. ) grape that is distinct from the Sangiovese ( 23.09.2015. ) grape behind the Tuscan wine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Nearly 80% of all the wine in the Abruzzo region is produced by large co-operative wineries with the four largest:
  • Cantina Tollo
  • Casal Thaulero
  • Casal Bordino
  • Citra.
The wines of the Abruzzo region were internationally known as early as 17th century when the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes praised the high quality of the region's Trebbiano d'Abruzzo.

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All about Vitamin E!

It's common knowledge that vitamin E is good for our skin, but even week ago I couldn't tell you exactly what this nutrient does.
Vitamin E is a powerful, fat soluble antioxidant that protects cell membranes against damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals can harm cells, tissues and organs, but antioxidants are agents that neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals, which are molecules that damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles.
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage, vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants, but our body can't produce it, which means we have to make sure that we're getting enough of this valuable nutrient. Therefore, the use of vitamin E in the prevention of UV induced damage has been extensively studied.
There is limited information concerning the effects of vitamin E supplement on photodamage, which is commonly observed as skin wrinkling. Although vitamin E can protect mice exposed to UV from excessive skin wrinkling, this is a photoprotective effect rather than treatment of pre existing wrinkles.
Vitamin E and oils containing tocopherols have been reported to have moisturizing properties.

Food Sources :

The best way to get the daily requirement of vitamin E is by eating food sources. Vitamin E is found in the following foods:
  • Vegetable oils - sunflower, safflower, corn, soybean oils...
  • Nuts - such as almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts
  • Seeds, such as sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
  • Green leafy vegetables - spinach, broccoli...
Products made from these foods, like margarine, also contains vitamin E.

Vitamin E is necessary for structural maintenance of skeletal, cardiac, and muscle.

The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria, it is also important in the formation of red blood cells and it helps the body use vitamin K, vitamin A, iron and selenium.

Vitamin E deficiency is rare in humans, so don't worry and have some green leafy veggies :)

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Primer, tips, tricks,...

A flawless face is the basis of every great make up look. While foundation, concealer, etc. work wonders, I have one more trick for stunning result - primers. This stuff preps my skin for the perfect foundation application, it fills my lines, pores, it cancels my redness and dark circles, it keeps my makeup looking applied minute ago all day...
How to use them?

First and most important, useful tip I can share? Try a tinted formula!!! 

Primers, like Benefit That gal Brightening Face primer can add an amazing glow. I love this primer, I'm ready to tell everyone who can stand my rambling about how amazing it is :) It makes my dry skin appear more healthy and glowy, even under foundation the glow shines through.
Lilac shades brighten sallow skin, and green formulas neutralizes redness. 
My favourite redness eraser is physician Formula mineral Wear Correcting Primer in Green. It is amazing product - an oil free, with SPF, dispensed through the brush of a twist pen, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, paraben free,.....

Now when you have the best formula for your skin, what's next? My next tip is to remember - less is more! Yes, you don't need to coat your face fully with primer. I know it is not a proper tip, but it IS important! Use a very small amount and apply to your skin with fingertips and blend thoroughly. Wait a fer minutes before putting on foundation to allow the primer to sink in and create a smooth surface.

It is also worth mentioning that you need a separate eyeshadow primer. You can find soma amazing ones on the market.
Mac Paint Pots are one of my favourite. They are acrylic based which means they don't budge and they will hold colour on. They has a great consistency, they feel smooth and blend easily, and buying one you get a fairly great amount because you only need a tiny bit. The only one downside is the longevity of the product itself, my paint pots tend to go bad fairly quick ( about 6 months ).

Don't agree with me? Don't like Mac Paint Pots?

You can use , maybe, Urban Decay Primer Potion? This one of Urban Decay pioneer products. It is a good product overall, makes the eye shadows stay longer than usual and makes them more pigmented. Packaging and price are quite ok, but it is not my favourite priming product, but it is not bad at all, I just prefer Mac. 

We have primed our faces, eyelids, now it's the time for lashes! Yes, yes, you can prime lashes also! Why?
To get thicker, longer lashes! These formulas amplify sparse fringe and contain vitamin E  or glycerin to condition lashes. 
I'm using Lancome Cils Booster XL, the brush is thick and bushy and formulation tends to make lashes white, but I don't see it's I anyway use mascara after primer. This really make my lashes look noticeably longer and thicker. I'm applying only one coat, because even two coats and I have clumps and heavy weighted lashes.

We have a huge amount of make up on market, but remember - only you choose hoe much you need to use and the most important:
It is not a make up that makes us beautiful, it's joy of living, confidence and smile that makes us beautiful.

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Lugana Wine

Lugana wine was a white wine of old origin but almost unknown outside it's small production area. The Lugana producing area is located in southern coast of lake Garda, on the border between Lombardia and Veneto, Brescia ( 7.10.2015. ) and Verona ( 14.10.2015. ). The whole coast of lake has been inhabited since prehistoric age. In Roman Time, gorgeous villas were built on panoramic spots. The fertile soil and abundance of water was exploited for the production of grains, olive oil and wine.
It has discovered by wine lovers no more than 20 years ago and is now becoming more and more popular, in Italy and abroad.

Lugana is made mainly with local grape varietal called Turbiana, a grape of unclear origins.

The wine produced in the historical lugana Wine producing area was registered as a DOC in 1967, among the very first ones to be protected by Italian wine regulation.

Ideal service temperature of 8-10 C / 47 - 50 F

Lugana wine color ranges from the typical bright straw yellow to a slightly greenish shade. after few years of aging it acquires golden highlights. Thanks to it's structure Lugana is one of the few white wines that can age.

Lugana has a very intense bouquet yet elegant and well balanced. The palate is dry but fresh.

Lugana is an incredibly flexible wine in case of food pairing

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Tuscany wine

Tuscany is the most enduringly famous of Italian wine regions, thanks to the romantic glamos of it's endless rolling hills, cypress lined country roads and hilltop villages.

Tuscany is Italian wine region, located in central Italy, along the Tyrrhenian coast. Climat is a vital factor in this region's success as a wine region. Warm, temperate coastal areas are contrasted by inland areas, where increased diurnal temperature variation helps to maintain grapes balance of sugars, acidity and aromatics.

The history of viniculture in Tuscany dates back to it's settlements by the Etruscans in the 8th century BC.

The region of Tuscany includes seven coastal islands and is Italy's fifth largest region. It is bordered to the northwest by Liguria.

After Piedmont and Veneto, Tuscany produces the third highest volume of DOC/G quality wines. Tuscany has 33 DOC and 9 DOCG.

Tuscany is home to some of the world's most notable wine regions:
  • Chianti ( 19.08.2015. )
  • Brunello di Montalcino ( 26.08.2015. )
  • Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ( 12.08.2015. )
Tuscany is also known for the dessert wine ( 2.09.2015. ) Vin Santo ( 9.09.2015. ), made from a variety of the region's grapes.

The Sangiovese ( 23.09.2015. ) grape is Tuscany's most prominent, however, many different clonal varieties exist, as many towns have their own local version of Sangiovese.  

Cabernet Sauvignon ( 27.05.2015. ) has been planted in Tuscany for over 250 years, but has only recently become associated with the region due to the rise of Super Tuscans.
Super Tuscans are an unofficial category of Tuscan wines, not recognized within the Italian wine classification system.

Other international varieties found in Tuscany include :
  • Cabernet Franc ( 16.09.2015. )
  • Chardonnay
  • Merlot ( 20.05.2015. )
  • Pinot Noir  
  • Sauvignon Blanc ( 23.09.2015. )
  • Shyrah ( 30.09.2015. )
Let's have a glass of some Tuscany wine and enjoy life :)

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long lasting foundation tips

I think there is only one thing that is frustrating for me - when my foundation does not last for long enough. Obviously the foundation play a huge role, but over the years, over huge amount of different foundations I've learned some tricks that can prevent my foundations from sliding all over the face.

First and the most important rule is moisturize. You want to use moisturizer at least 10 minutes before applying any other product to your face - no matter foundation or primer. That really helps to blend the product into skin perfectly.

I suggest your next step to be primer - it creates a base. The primer will stop the product sinking into pores which does happen eventually over the course of the day if you do not have a base. 
Most decent make up  brands will have a primer in their make up range. It will also help to smooth out your skin, tone down uneven patches and redness. 
Most primers have a silica base to them which means they soften and smooth the surface of the skin.
I do have an extremely dry skin so if you too - use Laura Mercier Primer - it is AMAZING!!!

Buff the foundation in - do this using a buffing brush and using circular motions. The buffing brush I really love is Sigma F45 one .

Let's think - you have applied your concealer, then you go over with hopefully brush or beauty blender, you wipe away all your concealing work....
Do the foundation first and then with a small blending brush apply concealer where needed.

The most critical part is setting in - this can be through the form of powder or a spray. I tend to use powder, but that is just a personal preference.
When you apply the powder, please, do not drag the brush across your face - you'll wipe the foundation off, better pat the powder on.
also only powder where it's needed - mostly only a T - zone. Yes, powder does set foundation and help's lasting longer, but you don't want to take away all the nice foundation - work

Throughout the day avoid touching your face as this will take, the product off and place loads of bacteria on your skin.

Have a nice day and face :D