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Travelling - How to Pack

I never was one of those who brought everything. I usually even miss something, but with years I learned some important packing hacks.

1. Medicines:

  • Pack prescription medicines you usually take. Pack your medications in your carry on luggage with copies of all prescriptions including the generic names for medications. Also pack some first aid supplies, but not the full kit, just some basics - bandages, gauze, antiseptic, tweezers, some small Aloe gel for sunburns if you are travelling to some sunny destination. Don't forget your insurance card. 
  • Pack some charcoal capsules, you can buy them in a health food store or pharmacy. Since charcoal is what they give in a hospital for food poisoning, taking one before meals in a foreign country usually guarantees you won't be sick from different food or germs. 

2. Clothing - clothes tend to make up the bulk of most suitcases, and reducing of outfits you pack can lighten your load significantly.
  • Pack only one, but lightweight Sweater  - better if it is in a neutral tone such as beige, cream, gray or black. Stick with natural fibers that breathe and don't cost a huge amount of money, in case you lose it.
  • You don't need more than one pair of jeans - personally I, when travel, live in my jeans, wear them all the time. 
  • Non Iron Blouses - these are useful for business and leisure days.
  • Bring several necklaces and bracelets to dress things up.
  • Shoes - footwear is very important, but don't forget - hiking boots is not the only variety. Honestly I ditched my boots fairly quickly, regular trainers were sufficient and are way more multifunctional. My suggestion - opt for comfortable but stylish trainers.
  • Towel - I never have been in a hotel that doesn't provide towels, so there is no point to take it from home.
  • Check the weather at your destination before you leave, and pack accordingly.

3. Make up - don't pack your entire Beauty routine.
  • If you use eight 
  • different products to tame your wild curls or have an elaborate face washing regimen down to a science, let loose a bit when you travel. 
  • If you are staying at a medium or high end hotel that will offer toiletries - use them. Promise - nothing bad will happen. 
  • There are lots of products that have multiple uses. Opt for a shampoo / conditioner combo, tinted moisturizer with SPF, moisturizing body wash doubles as a shaving cream, eyeshadow palette....

4. Travel pillow - It's no secret that the pillows and blankets supplied by airlines aren't most comfortable, and even worst - they may not always be the cleanest. And they don't take that much space.

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Veneto Wine

Veneto is a substantial and increasingly important wine region in the north eastern corner of Italy. Administratively it forms part of the Triveneto zone, along with it's smaller neighbors Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is a wine region in north eastern Italy.
The region is protected from the harsh northern European climate by the Alps

Veneto is slightly smaller than Italy's other main wine producing regions - Piedmont, Tuscany, Lombardy, Puglia ( 1.07.2015. ) and Sicily ( 8.07.2015. ) - yet it generates more wine than any other of them. 

Veneto's wines are some of italy's best known exports - the names of Soave ( 5.08.2015. ), Bardo ( 30.09.2015. ) and Valpolicella ( 15.07.2015. ) have long been associated with eminently drinkable Italian wines.
With 26 DOCs and 13 DOCGs, Venice's region has a substantial production of quality wine, as well as well priced easy drinking wines bottled as IGTs.

With fruity red Valpolicella ( 15.07.2015. ) complementing it's intense Amarone ( 22.07.2015. ) and sweet Recioto ( 29.07.2015. ) counterparts, Veneto is armed with a formidable portfolio of red wines to compliment it's refreshing whites such as Soave ( 5.08.2015. ) and sparkling Prosecco ( 12.08.2015. ).

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Friuli Venezia Giulia wine

The most fitting descriptor for the luminous white wines of Friuli Giulia is "INTELLIGENT"

Friuli Venezia Giulia wine, called Friuli wine, is made in the northeastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. once part of the Venetian Republic and with sections under the influence of the Austro - Hungarian Empire for same time, the wines of the region have noticeable Slavic and Germanic influences.
Region is bordered by the Alps to the north separating from Austria. Slovenia borders the region on the east and the Italian region of Veneto forms the western border and part of the southern border with the Adriatic sea.

The climate is distinguished with very warm days and chilly nights that help maintain a balance in the grape between acidity and sugar levels and allows the grapes a long, slow growing season. harvest normally takes place in september.

There are 11 Denominazione di origine controllata ( DOC ) and 3 Denominazione di origine controllata e Garantita ( DOCG ) in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area.

Most of the vineyards of region are located in the southern half of the region.

While white wine dominates Friuli wine production, nearly 40% of the production is red with Merlot ( 20.05.2015. ) being the leading red wine grape. Along with the internationally styled merlots, Friuli produces some distinctive red wines from the local grape varieties:
  • Tazzelenghe ( 24.06.2015. ) produces a very tannic and fruity wine that mellows as it ages but maintains a good amount of it's fruitiness.
  • Schioppettino ( 10.06.2015. ) also produces very tannic wines with spice and pepper notes behind the ripe fruit flavors.
  • Refosco ( 3.06.2015. ) dal peduncolo rosso is the best known red wine variety which produces a herbal full bodied wine that ages well. It is noted for it's high acidity with blueberry and blackberry notes.
Over 30 different grapes are grown in Friuli Venezia Giulia including international varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon ( 27.05.2015. ) as well as local varieties like Refosco ( 3.06.2015. ), Schioppettino ( 10.06.2015.), Friulano ( 15.04.2015. ), Ribolla Gialla ( 17.06.2015. ) and Verduzzo (17.06.2015. ).

Enjoy :)

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Skin brightening toner

I love DIY's and I like experimenting! is there something more exciting than make your own toner? Of course there is a lot of things more exciting, but self made toner is also good :D

This toner doing wonders for dry skin, don't know how it works for any other skin type - please comment below if you tried it, and let me know how it works for you :)

You will need:

  • juice of one big lemon
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/3 Witch hazel ( you can find it at drugstore or pharmacy )
  • Jar
And now the most challenging part - making toner!

It is too hard for me to remember something easier - mix all ingredients in jar!!

Happy face treating time :)

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Benefits of cotton bedding

With all of the new green trends from organic food to organic bedding, it can be hard to tell which are worth going for and which are waste of money. Many people question whether they really gain anything by choosing more natural products. Being a natural, organic products fan I wanted to look for a natural/organic bedding for myself. It was quite hard to find it where I live. Whether it was not available or it was way more expensive than I expected it to be. So I decided to make it myself. You also can purchase natural baby cotton bedding set I made at my shop - BABY COTTON BEDDING SET. 

Yes it is not the cheapest bedding set You may find all around the internet, but baby cotton( organic, non bleached, non aggressive colored cotton) is quite expensive, so I did my best to lower the price.

Cotton is naturally breathable, soft material which offers excellent comfort in bedding products. But, cotton crops are responsible for 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides used internationally. Organic cotton is grown using environmentally friendly, low impact farming methods. Organic cotton is the version grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals. Producing cotton organically can be expensive, which accounts for the higher cost. Organic sheets and bedding are particularly recommended for babies and children who are more vulnerable to chemicals than anybody.

When you opt for organic bedding products, the benefits for You and Your family are numerous - starting from reducing chemical exposure to helping the planet. Your skin will be in direct contact especially with sheets and pillowcases, making it essential to use the safest material available. 

Allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin may notice rashes or red areas on their faces or body that come into contact with synthetic materials.

The benefits f natural and organic bedding include their ease of care. Cotton bedding can be machine washed for easy cleaning - important for those with allergies. Cotton bedding is considered hypoallergenic and has considerably less environmental impact than synthetic.

Of course with bedding only you will not become the healthiest person in the world, but it is small step closer to the natural, organic lifestyle. yes it is quite expensive, but you are not purchasing bedding set everyday, and what can be more important to spread money than you and your families health?

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Trentino Alto Adige Wine

The Trentino Alto Adige area is an autonomous region located in north - east italy, producing wine in the two autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol.

This Italian wine region is noted for the district German and Austrian influences on the wine industry due to the region's long history under the rule of Austria - Hungary.

Because of regions unique history and location within the southern Alps and Dolomites, it grows a wide range of grape varieties that are not usually seen in other parts of Italy. These include 
  • Muller Thurgau
  • Schiava ( 8.04.2015. ), 
  • Lagrein (15.04.2015.), 
  • Sylvaner ( 22.04.2015. ), 
  • Riesling Renano ( 29.04.2015. ),
  • Gewurztraminer ( 0.05.2015. ),
  • Blatterle (13.05.2015.).
The name of South Tyrol, In Italian Alto Adige, identifies the northern territory of the region that includes the higher part of Adige River. Winemaking in south Tyrol has a long tradition - the first evidence date back to the period before the Romans.

The South Tyrolean wine growing area is highly influenced by Mediterranean climate, which in the Adige valley arrives up to Merano.

Trentino - produces dry and sparkling wines.

Do You love Trentino alto Adige wines?
have You ever tried some?

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tips to find cheap flights

Flights are usually the most expensive part of travel and most of us are after the cheapest flight deal we can find.
I love to travel, but I have to deal with my budget - so I finded out some tips to get deal with bills and travel also :)
  1. Book early - don't know how it is in another side of earth, but here in Latvia the best month for cheap flight booking is January. I remember a time when last minute flights were cheap, but nowadays - it doesn't work :( I guess that airlines realized that everyone was waiting until the last minute to book flights. I usually book about 6-8 months in advance - it is reasonable amout of time to plan ahead and pretty cheap flights are available. lots of airlines have huge sales and the start of year is a good time to keep your eyes peeled for them. Sign up to receive e mail updates.
  2. Regional airports - if you are flying short haul, flying into a large airport can often be more expensive than into a smaller airport or regional airport. If it is possible, try to fly into a regional airport.
  3. Pack hand luggage only. If you are flying on a budget, don't pay for luggage. You can pack reasonable amount of things in hand luggage.
  4. Be flexible with dates - this is another good reason to book your flights a long way in advance.
  5. Flight night - overnight flights are often cheaper. My recipe for sleeping on plain? Small champagne and little pringles, after 5 min I'm sleeping until stewardess is waking me up :D

Do you have some tips?
Please share them with me :)

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foods that whiten your teeth

Have your pearly whites lost their luster because of gray or dingy yellow stains?
As much as certain foods or some drinks can be blamed for stains on your teeth, there are few that can actually help against them.

 One of the best stain killers is The Apple: eating apple after meal is the easiest and most preferable method to get rid of yellow or gray teeth. Apple keeps teeth debris and gum bacteria away, their crisp texture and high water content increases saliva, washing away bacteria and leads to discoloration over time.You don't like apples? No problem - try Nuts:
Like apples, munching on nuts stimulates saliva which can help wash away bacteria. Also, when chewed on, nuts can be abrasive in a good way. Chewing these lightly abrasive, hard foods rubs plaque and stains off teeth. pop a few nuts for afternoon snack - they are full of protein, healthy fats, and the crunch you need to get pearly whites.
How about some berries?
Strawberries contain malic acid that acts as a natural way to remove surface stains on teeth, so don't let that bright color confuse you, but we all know - we can not live by eating only berries :(
Mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms contain a tooth - friendly compound called lentinan, which inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria that cause tooth decay and discoloration.

Onions may not do something good with your breath, but they contain antibacterial sulfur compounds that prevent plaque from forming on your teeth. Unfortunately, onions must be consumed raw to reap the anti - plaque benefit, so include them on sandwiches and in salads whenever you can.

Lets smile :)

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Lombardia wine is the Italian wine produced in the Lombardy region of north central Italy. The region is well known particularly for it's sparkling wines made in the Franciacorta ( 14.10.2015.) and Oltrepo Pavese ( 21.10.2015.) areas. Lombardia also produces still red, white and rose wines made from a variety of local and international grapes including Nebbiolo ( 19.08. 2015. ) in the Valtellina region ( 28.10.2015. ), trebbiano di Lugana (24.06.201.) white wines produced with the Chiaretto style rose along the shores of Lake Garda.

The winemaking tradition of Lombardy dates back to it's settlement by Greeks from Athens along the Po river.

The climate of Lombardy is varied due to the diverse terrain of region but is generally considered a "Cool" continental climate. The region is influenced by several geographic features that control the climate and terroir of the land. These include the alps located in the northern parts of the region near the wine producing area of valtellina and the Po River which runs along the Oltrepo Pavese and forms most of the region's southern border with Emilia Romagna. Many wine areas are located near some of Lombardy's major lakes including Franciacorta near lake Iseo as well as garda Bresciano and Garda Montovano regions near Lake Garda.

The Lombardy region consists primarily of 12 wine producing areas:
  1. Valtellina - 28.10.2015.
  2. Garda Bresciano - 4.11.2015.
  3. Franciacorta - 14.10.2015
  4. Cellatica - 2.12.2015
  5. Botticino - 9.12.2015.
  6. Capriano del Colle - 16.12.2015
  7. San Martino della Battaglia - 23.12.2015.
  8. Lugana
  9. Lambrusco Mantovano - 25.03.2015.
  10. Oltrepo Pavese - 21.10.2015.

have a good Lombardia experience :)

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How I stay motivated when feeling lazy...

Let's face it  - I'm lazy, and You are lazy! People are lazy :D
But sometimes even I have to turn of Netflix and get some things to be done!
How can I do this? It is not easy, but here are few steps I'm using to manage it:
  • Most of time my laziness is a result of "I have NO idea where to start". But somehow, sometimes I get myself focus on only one thing, so it is easier to feel motivated and get done at least this one thing. Ok, ok it's only one thing, but still - it is better than nothing.
  • usually my everyday starts with MASSIVE to do list. Todays to do list?

Yes it is a lot, but even it is hard to believe - running always helps.
  • As you maybe already know - I'm organizing freak! I don't feel like it is something bad, because if your thoughts are a big mess, planner is the best solution for any problem. at least it is like this to me. When everything is written down in front of me, it is a lot easier to organize my thoughts and to does. For me it is probably the only one way to get all things done, to not forget something important to do. And it is easier for me to stay motivated when I can see how tasks are striked out.
  • I think that the best tip I can share is to find out - What can You change about your routine?
    • Can You change environment?
    • Can You vamp up Your everyday life?
    • Can You start to listen new music while working out?
    • Can You start your working day earlier to have more free time in evening?
  • Keep in mind benefits - You gotta focused to the present! So what? Focus to better present. How?
  • Jump out of bed! Don't waste time. Research tells us that hitting the snooze is not good for us. Your mind will follow the cues your body is giving it. If you are starting morning by doing things right now, not a bit later, it would be easier to keep that course for all day.
  • Set goals. But the most important goal setting rule is to set achievable goals. It is important to remember. by setting these goals you have something to look forward to.

I hope at least one sentence was useful for You :D
Have a nice monday <3

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Top 5 beauty myths

We've all heard the same beauty myths over and over again, but is it really true? We hear about them on Twitter, from our moms and friends, through the media, but again, are they true?

Do wearing make up everyday is bad for skin?
Actually, wearing make up consistently won't actually make Your skin worse. Granted, a day with no makeup feels great, but the real culprit of skin damage is not consistently washing your makeup off, or even worst - leaving it overnight.
Do my shampoo familiarizes itself to my hair?
While it's great to change up the hair products you use every once in a while, it's not absolutely necessary. If your hair is feeling flat, dry or damaged after continued use of one specific shampoo, don't blame the shampoo! Usually, the problem is due to product build up from hairsprays, serums, oils and more. If this happens, try a clarifying shampoo once per week and continue on with your regularly scheduled shampooing.
 Also the leaving for long enough it will begin to clean itself is a eww not solution. It is False, false, false!!! But also keep in mind that washing locks so frequently means you strip them of their natural oils and are actually doing more harm than good. The best way is to find golden middle.

Filing nails can be done in any direction.
Always file your nails in the same direction, allowing your nails to grow faster and longer. Filing from both directions an one nail can lead to breakage and peeling.

You have to use perfume just enough to smell it by yourself.
No, BIG no, no. You don't have to smell your perfume. If you can, it has been used way TOOOO much. Use one spray of perfume on your wrists, elbows and collarbones will be enough.

You know your skin is clean when it squeaks.
This myth probably originated back in the day when cigarettes were considered good for your health.
You don't wash your brushes.
It is one of those jobs you know you should do but just can't bothered about. If You fail to give your brushes a good clean than not only you have mixed colors, you are also allowing bacteria to build up.

Don't do mistakes and take care of yourself :)