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Friday TOP 5

Best winter hand creams

Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Hand Cream - A soothing, pistachio - scented hand cream. This is super hydrating, deeply penetrating scented cream comforts and soothes hands, leaving my skin moisturized and velvety soft. Creme de Pistache inspired by the creamy and nutty aromas of pistachio desserts, is a decadent blend of gourmand ingredients with a combination of almond, praline and hazelnut nuances. I bought it for about 18 EUR, which is pretty expensive for hand cream, that's why it's my luxurious hand treatment, not daily.

Fluffy Bunny Shea butter Hand Cream. This Shea butter whip is a tube of comfort. This light and somehow fluffy scent swirl me into a dreamlike state. It has a mint julep and a hint of lavender mixed so well balanced. It is fresh but uplifting, delicious and elegant at the same time. This is great for my extremely dry skin with butters and Vitamin E. It leaves my hands so soft, but I have to say a little bit greasy also. I bought it for 9 EUR, which also isn't cheap.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is super smoothing. It contains 20% shea butter, honey and almond extracts. It has a light jasmine and ylang-ylang aroma which I adore. It is tho most expensive hand cream I ever had, but it is WORTH it!!!!! It was about 30EUR but it smells amazing, it miraculously absorbing into the skin, it protects my dry and dehydrated skin soo well.

The Body Shop Almond Hand & nail Cream is cheap and quite greasy, but somehow it becomes to be my daily go to hand cream, maybe it is because it costs about 5 EUR and cares for nails as well as hands and contains almond oil and panthenol, it is very moisturizing with sweet almond scent. It is just a simple good smelling hand cream :)

Stenders Cranberry Hand Cream - I'm proud to use this, this is produced in Latvia :). It is an intensive, nourishing and protective hand cream for sensitive and dry, dehydrated skin. It absorbed quickly ang lightly, pampering my cracked skin. It was 13.90 EUR at Stenders cosmetic home page and I can highly suggest You to buy one. It smells light but noticeable.

Have You found Your best winter hand cream?

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What's on my Android phone

  1. This icon shows that I do have an alarm ( For me it is impossible to get out of bed without alarm :D )
  2. Shows that I use WiFi - I always using WiFi when it is possible, because I don't see the point to use phone net, because it is slower and pretty expensive, and in Latvia You basically can find WiFi anywhere).
  3. Shows that my operator serving 3G in this area.
  4. Battery usage in %
  5. Battery usage level ( for me this icon is pointless, but I don't know how to get rid of ir. If You know, please, comment below)
  6. Clock :)
  7. Google search - I use this very often, I think it is useful when you want to find out any fact.
  8. My Bank - this has a great function - you can set amount of money you can see by only clicking on app - so you always know that on your account isn't less money than amount you set, but no one else  know's how much there is.
  9. Clock again, bigger and more comfortable to use.
  10. Date - since I don't have a daily job it  useful, because I lost date quit easy :D
  11. My social media folder
  12. Gallery
  13. Settings
  14. E-mails
  15. Phone
  16. SMS
  17. Home button
  18. Contacts
  19. Internet

20.  My facebook - if You want to follow me its -
21. My instagram - @STEINHARDLIVE
22. Facebook messenger for more comfortable socializing with Facebook friends
23. Twitter - @steinhardlive
24 - My tumblr 
25. Unfollowers app - have not use it since downloaded :D
26. Bloglovin - best app for bloggers - if You want to follow me here is link -
27. Etsy - my etsy shop -

28. Gmail - it is my private e-mail
29. Android mail - it is my Etsy e - mail.
30. School numbers - I'm obsessed with this app. I really suggest you to try it :)
31. Photo Editor - I promise I will try this app :D
32. Doulingo - great app - I'm learning German with this. It is easy and fun to learn with this app.
33. Waze - I'm not the best driver, that's why I use wave to concentrate on a driving not to think about where I have to drive :)
34. Public transport app - I'm using public transport on a daily bases so this app is must for me.
35. Polaris office - to open Word or Excel, PDF documents on a phone and edit them.
36. Candy Crush soda to kill some time :)
37. Delfi - local news app.
38. Daily yoga - I've been quite obsessed with yoga last time, but I don't feel it's something bad :D
40. Spotify
41. Ebay
42. Sims - downloaded this inspired by Alfie and Zoella Sims series but somehow never opened it :D
43. Sleep Bot - best alarm ever!!!

What's your favourite apps?

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Liguria is an Italian wine region located in the northwest region of Italy along the Italian Riviera. It is bordered by the Piedmont wine region to the north, the Alps and French wine region of Provence to the west.

Liguria has several Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) regions with the most notable being:
  • Cinque Terre DOC - The DOC was granted in 1973 and production is limited to the coastal areas of the Cinque Terre. The wine is produced from a must containing at least 40% of the Bosco grape( 11.11.2015.), But may also contain up to 40% of Albarola and/or Vermentino (8.07.2015.) and up to 20% of other wine - berried grapes approved for the Province of La Spezia. These wines tend to be dry, with straw yellow colour, and a delicate aroma. Typically, it is best drunk with the local cuisine, and especially with seafood.
  • Dolceacqua - producing wine from the indigenous Rossese grape.
  • Colli di Luni DOC - located in both Liguria and Tuscany in northwest Italy. This DOC produces both reds and white wines made primarily from Sangiovese (23.09.2015.) and Vermentino(8.07.2015.).
  • Colline di Levanto DOC - produces both red and white wines primarily from Sangiovese and Vermentino.Any grapes destined for this DOC wine production in Colline di Levanto must be harvested to a yield no greater than 1 tonnes/hectare with the finished wines needing to attain a minimum alcohol level of at least 11%.

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Weather You are student, in the work field, or have a family of your own, life can be a bit stressful! I do eliminate the stress and time of having to cook every single night by meal prepping! Why? Because it saves me time and helps track with healthy eating.

I usually do prep my meals for the week! But what exactly is meal prepping? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, don't worry - back in 2014 I didn't also :D

Basically this means cooking items in bulk and eating leftovers :)

Before starting meal prepping please learn from my mistakes:
  • Have 5x7 tupperware or so containers. I suggest You to buy 7 breakfast containers. Buy them similar size, shape and color to know exactly - this is breakfast. The same instruction for other meals. You need bigger containers for morning and smaller for evening meals.
  • Plan - Plan your meals the day before shopping all products. I usually plan friday and spend all saturday morning at farmer's market.
  • Try plant based proteins - beans, edamame, tofu...
  • Don't forget - there is no rules - be healthy and make anything you like and how you like.
Nice appetite!

P.S. If You are interested in my meal prepping process or my go to recipes please feel free to comment and I will do my best :) 

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The Piedmonte Region

If You are trying to get a deeper understanding of Italian wine, Piedmont is one of the most useful wine regions to get to know. It is one of the most famous regions in Italy for wine. When people think of Piedmont, they usually imagine Barolo or Barbaresco, but in truth, they both only account for 3-5% of Piedmont's production, there's quite a bit more to uncover.

Piemonte is the range of Italian wines made in the province of Piedmont in the northwestern corner of Italy. region is located in the foothills of the Alps forming it's border with France and Switzerland. Although the winemaking regions of the Piedmont and Bordeaux are very close in latitude, only the summertime temperature are similar - the Piemonte wine region had a colder, continental winter climate, and significantly lower rainfall due to the rain shadow effect of the Alps.

As in most of Italy, native wines are abundant in the land that the Ancient Greeks called Oenotria and was subsequently cultivated by the Romans. During the Risorgimento of the 19th century, many Piemontese winemakers and landowners played a pivotal role. The famous Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi was a winemaker who in the 1850s introduced the use of Bordeaux mixture.

The best known wines from region include Barolo ( Blog post on 30.09 ) and Barbaresco ( Blog post on 7.10). They are made from the Nebbiolo ( Blog post on 14.10.) grape. These wines are ideal for storage.

Other popular grapes used for red wine production in region is Barbera( Blog post on 21.12.) and Dolcetto ( Blog post on 28.10.). 

The sparkling wine Asti Spumante is made from Moscato ( Blog post on 4.11. ) grape. The majority of the area's winemaking take places in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria.

The Piedmont produces more DOC wines by volume than any other Italian wine region with nearly 84% of all the areas wine production falling under a DOC designation. 

While Turin is the capital of the Piedmont, Alba and Asti are the heart of the region's wine industry.

Let's have a nice glass of some Piemonte wine and have a nice evening :)

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The Valle d'Aosta DOC ( Denominazione di origine controlla) is located in the Aosta Valley of northwest Italy. Surrounded by the alps, the Valle d'Aosta is home to highest elevated vineyards in all Europe. The principal winemaking region of the Valle d'Aocta is found along the eastern banks of the Dora Baltea river.
Like most of Italy, the wine history of this mountainous region goes back to at least the Roman times. By the end of 1800's there were more than three thousand hectares under vines.

The area of the Aosta valley has continental climate and despite its location in the Alps region The weather is typically very hot and dry in the summer time which tends to put harvesting in early September. The geography of the wine regions is marked by high, steep slopes leading to the river valley which makes the use of mechanical equipment impossible.
The wine making region of the Valle d"Aosta is generally divided into three areas:
  • Courmayeur is home o highest elevated vineyards at 3,900 feet above sea level. The white grame known as Blanc de Morgex is the main production grape in the area and is used to produce also sparkling wine. 
The central valley is most productive area and is further sub-divided into four areas:
  • Enfer d'Arvier - red wine producing area around the village of Arvier. The wines from this area are blends made primarily from the Petit Rouge grape with lesser amounts of Dolcetto, Gamay, Neyret, Pinot Noir ar Vien de Nus. Previously Enfer d'Arvier had it's own DOC.
  • Torrette
  • Nus
  • Chambave
Other DOC wines in the Valle d'Aosta can be varietally labeled as long as it contains at least 90% from Chardonnay, Fumin, Gamay, Petite Arvine, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Petit Rouge or Premetta grapes.

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Thank You Oksana Poli For nominating me!!!! It feels so good that I'm not the only one who likes my blog :)
I am very happy that I was nominated, biggest thank You Oksana :)

The Versatile Blogger award rules are:

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share seven random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs
  • Link the blogs you nominated and let them know

Random facts about me:
  1. I do love to read, the latest favorite book are "Game of thrones"
  2. I do like to study, yesterday I graduated my Business owner course and I feel so proud of myself :D I was making business plan for my Etsy shop: Lauma's Shop
  3. I'm lactose intolerant
  4. I live in Latvia and I'm very proud of my country.
  5. I wish I will start my YouTube channel this year
  6. I never had fake tan
  7. I was graduated Jewelry school 
Blogs I nominate:
  1. Lil Ashton
  2. Duriska
  3. A Classic Notion
  4. A Little Opulent
  5. A Pinch of Jasmine
  6. All that's Glittered
  7. Baby Rebel
  8. Blondxzilla
  9. Classic White Milkshake
  11. Emma Louise
  12. Essie Button
  13. Eyelashan
  15. Jessa Olson
I suggest you to follow all these blog and read them, they all are inspiring and written by really talented persons.

Thank You for stopping by <3

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Blogging tips I learned 2014.

I was surprised finding out that a new blog is created every half second!!! This is SO much content to read :) So it means I we have to be better than so many blogs, to make our readers entertained, but How?
I was started my blog at 2014 and readed vety much blogging tips. Here are few tips that I'm using and suggesting for everyone. I hope You will find something useful :)
Use images!
Not only it is visually pleasing but it is also interesting, you can share your emotions, inspirations and sometimes feelings also.
Always stay who you are!
No one wants to read something we all readed year ago, but You don't have to copy latest blog post you readed, even if it had a lot of comments or likes. There are nothing more exciting than read something you didn't know and can share with friends. And you can write something unique. How? Easy! We all are unique - just share your thoughts, ideas, personality...
Share your posts.
It's basic - how can I know that you have an amazing blog? Don't be shy and share your posts on twitter, pinterest, facebook, instagram,bloglovin..
Have You signed up for Bloglovin? It is the best way i know to share your blog and discover new blogs.
Books, magazines, other blogs, news. You will get ideas, grammar and if you not only read other posts, but also communicate, you can reach new friends.
Leave comments and respond on comments in your blog.

And the most important - Do what makes you happy, It is your internet space and You can use it however You want! 

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Italian wine

Italy is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. Italy, closely followed by France, is the world's largest wine producer by volume. Grapes are grown in almost every region of the country and there are more than one million vineyards under cultivation.
Etruscans and Greek stellers produced wine in Italy before the Romans started their own vineyards in the 2nd century B.C.
Although wines had been cultivated  from the wild Vitis vinifera grape for millennia, it wasn't until the Greek colonization that wine making flourished.
In 1963, the first official Italian system of classification of wines was launched.
Understanding of Italian wine becomes clearer with understanding of the differences between each region, cuisines.Most noticeable regions are:

Most common Italy's grape varieties are:
* Fiano 8.04.2015
* Friulano 15.04.2015
* Garganega 22.04.2015
* Greco di Tufo 29.04.2015
* Malvasia Bianca 6.05.2015
* Moscato Blanc 13.05.2015
* Nuragus 20.05.2015
* Passerina 27.05.2015
* Pecorino 3.06.2015
* Pinot Grigio 10.06.2015
* Ribolla Gialla 17.06.2015
* Trebbiano 24.06.2015
* Verdicchio 1.07.2015
* Vermentino 8.07.2015
* Aglianico 15.07.2015
* Barbera 22.07.2015
* Corvina 29.07.2015
* Dolcetto 5.08.2015
* Montepulciano 12.08.2015
* Nebbiolo 19.08.2015
* Negroamaro 26.08.2015
* Nero d'Avola 2.09.2015
* Primitivo 9.09.2015
* Sagrantino 16.09.2015
* Sangiovese 23.09.2015

Lets spend year with Italian wines :)

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Stuffed Cabbage rolls- Tīteņi

Russian Golubtsy also known in my family as Tīteņi (in Latvia) are sige rolls. They are very popular in many European countries. It is believed that this dish was borrowed by Russians and Ukrainians from Turkey, where it's Sarma - meaning "wrapping" or "rolling".
Golubtsy consist of ground meat and rice rolled inside the cabbage leaves, then simmered in tomato-sour cream sauce.
Traditional recipe requires boiling the whole head of cabbage in a pot of boiling water for 15 minutes before separating the leaves. But let's be real - dealing with cabbage in a pot is quite messy. Fortunately we have microwaves :)
So let's begin!

Serves 8 - 10 persons.
Prep time 20 minutes
Cook time 1-1,5 hours

* 1/2 cup rice
* 2 Tbsp butter
* 1 onion, finely chopped
* 1 large shredded carrot
* 0,5 kg ground pork ( You can use beef or chicken also)
* Salt
* Pepper
* medium head of cabbage
* Garlic, finely chopped
* 5 Tbsp tomato sauce
* 5 Tbsp mayonnaise

1. Cook the rice for filling, place 1/2 cup of rice in a fine mesh sieve and rinse under cold running water until the water runs clear, then drain well. Bring the rice, pinch of salt and 1 cup of water to boil in a small saucepan over high heat. Then reduce heat to medium and cook for about 10 minutes and allow to cool slightly.
2. Preheat oven to 170 degrees.
3. To make the filling, heat the butter in a frying pan over low heat. Add the onion and garlic until soft and slightly golden. Place in a bowl with the meat and remaining ingredients. Mix really well to combine until meat and rice mixture becomes sticky.
4. Place cabbage leaves in microwave and cook at 600w for 2 minutes or long enough to soften leaves. You will need 14 to 16 big leaves. Use extra leaves and trimmings to line a deep ovenproof pot.
5. Place a generous tablespoon of meat filling at the base of each leaf, roll firmly to the end of leaf. If you prefer, you can roll and tuck in sides to contain the filling better. Place the first layer in the pot.
6. In a saucepan over high heat, bring the tomato sauce, 3 tablespoons of water and mayonnaise to a boil, add salt and pepper, and it is done.
7.Pour sauce over each layer and on a top. Cover and bring to a boil in oven. It will take about 50 minutes to 1 hour.
8. Serve hot.

Labu apetīti :)

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how to be healty tips

Who don't want to become a healthier person? It's easy. All secret is about making gradual changes. Health is a very important priority in life so what are we waiting for?
It may seem obvious that sleep is beneficial. Even without fully grasping what sleep does for us, it is not ssecretthat going without sleep for too long makes us feel terrible. In order to maintain a healthy body, you will need 8 - 10 hours of sleep everyday. This will keep you awake and alert.
Scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand sleep's benefits, they have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions.
Not only smile, laugh whenever you can. Smiling makes your face look younger and it feels great too. Also smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body and this lets the heart work without overworking. We are more trustful of others when they smile and smile genuinely. Trust is an important part of social health when dealing with people.
Simply just do nothing! It's almost a meditation - stay in a dark room and let the stressful thoughts behind the door. About ten minutes with closed doors and clear mind will leave you feeling refreshed. Do not do more then you can of feel good to do. If you are tired, believe, that dirty dish would not run away - it will be there tomorrow too. It is not meaning that you have to become slovenly. Just manage time to refresh your thoughts and body. Usually after little relaxation you will feel that good to wash dish, clean kitchen and a lot more :)
Really? You really don't know why we have to eat vegetables and fruits? Because they are fruits and vegetables!!!!
It is key in making us run throughout the day. We all have to drink at least 2 liter of water each day. Why? It helps re energize and keep going, helps to reduce acne, headaches and even dehydration. But why water? Why not juice or coffee, or smoothie? Because your body is composed of about 60% water.  That's why!
It feels great, but before you start, don't forget to stretch. This easy form of muscle exercise warms you up and makes you more flexible. after stretching you can run. This doesn't mean that it's necessarily run 25 miles every morning, but jogging or running for about half an hour at an easy pace will keep you in shape.

And the most important health tip - be happy, enjoy your life and celebrate every day!!!

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Winter skin essentials

Winter months can trigger many changes in our skin. starting from drying to breakouts from cold. That's exactly why we need to be ultra aware in winter to nourish, hydrate and love our skin. It is not always about fancy skin care routine, it's all about how to love ourselves.
Yes, yes it's true. Water can help us with anything! Maybe, just, because we are made mostly from water. No! Tea, coffee or cider doesn't coun. Just a pure water can help you to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.
During other months You can skip one or two days without moisturizing and everything will be ok, but not the winter. Not even a single day! And even this is not enough - you may have found a moisturizer that works just fine in spring and summer, but as weather conditions change, our skincare routine should too. We have to find oil based moisturizer, rather than water based, as the oil creates protective layer on the skin. Most moisturizers that are labeled as Night cream are oil based. But don't be lazy - choose your moisturizing oils with care, look for non clogging oils, like avocado, almond or grapeseed oil.
Keeping a tube of lip balm in a pocket is a must have in a winter, because these winter winds can take chapped lips to a whole new level. If your lips are flaky, give them a gentle exfoliate to remove excess skin. 
No! No, No, no, sunscreen isn't just for summer. Winter sun combinations with snow glare is even worst than a summer sun. Since exposure to UV rays are more culprit of wrinkles, apply sunscreen whenever you are planning to go out. 

And the most important thing - have fun, make a snowman, take walks, skiing is great, and it is never too cold  - it's just wrong clothe choice :)

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1. Wear at least 70% selfmade clothes.
2. Sell or donate any cloth that I didn't wear last year.
3. Track any spending.
4. Blog everyday.
5. Start my Youtube channel.
6. Finish book till april.
7. Have 100 sells on my Etsy shop til february 25.
8. Do kalnciema market every week starting from summer.
9. Have my own shop til december ant Riga
10. Quit smoking.
11.Lose 1 kg every month.
12. Read 1 book every week.
13. Do weekly favourites.
14. Take a photo every day.
15. Upload 10 new Etsy shop Items every week .
16. Set up an emergency found.
17. Run at least 2 times in a week.
18. Learn at least 10 words in German every month.
19. Watch all IMDB top 100 movies.
20. Donate blood.
21. Find out my blood type.
22. Run 10 km at Nordea Riga marathon.
23. Floss every night.
24. Wash my face and moisturize every night.
25. have a manicure every day.
26. Start yoging.
27. Travel to a Island.
28. Hit 1000 followers on my blog.
29. Set u a sewing area.
30. Get my Pinterest together.
31. Do a giveaway.
32. Finish my business plan.
33. Set a deontologist appointment.
34. Learn how to edit HTML code for my blog.
35. Make my handmade Uno.
36. Redesign my blog.
37. Renovate my bathroom.
38. Organize my inspiration magazine box.
39. See the new Rotko exposition at Daugavpils.
40. Watch all O.C. seasons
41. Start a diary.
42. Get another tattoo.
43. Send out Christmas cards.
44. Write random notes in library books for someone to find.
45. Get new laptop.
46. Buy lottery every week til I win at least something.
47. make new friends.
48. For every task done save 5 Euro.
49. Be able to do 100 situps.
50. Read a book in russian.
51. read a book in English.
52. Buy a pair of fancy heels.
53. Host boyfriends birthday party.
54. Go to Opera.
55. Start studying.
56. Make a blanket for friends kid.
57. Go to Christmas Church.
58. Get professional manicure.
59. Take an IQ test.
60. Wake u every workday at 7 am.
61. Enjoy ice skating.
62. Buy car.
63. Have a real Christmas tree.
64. Visit AHA center in Tartu.
65. Become a Latvian National Library member.
66. Visit Madara in London.
67. Go to the Botanical garden.
68. Go to Ķemeru purvs.
69. Buy fancy perfume.
70. Buy fancy eyeshadows.
71. Buy a sewing machine.
72. Finish caret.
73. Start to design and sell Tshirts.
74. Start design and sell carpets.
75. Start design phone cases.
76. Go to the oculist and get glasses.
77. Do a full body inspection.
78. Give only handmade gifts all year.
79. Try to be vegetarian for at least month.
80. Drink at least 1 liter water every day.
81. Visit a zoo.