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If you are fashion addict :)

This is not a story about a tasteful style icons, more suitable for glossy magazines. This is and will be the story about the passionate, not always sober thinking fashion consumers. Of course all the big fashion industry love them, even very very love, fashion experts from the glossy magazine heights laughs about them, but I and yet very much the fashion lovers get a pleasure to watch, to discuss, to share … … ….
The girl from Moscow - Miroslav Dum is now Russia's most popular street fashion star...
Of course I like this happy blue outfit, but I am what I am,  and I want to stay  ME, so I found that I easily found few dresses like this. I'll use my own accessories and will get my own Miroslava Dumm ispired outfit

Baum Und Pferdgarten Ebere Bodycon Dress in Cobalt Blue  

If You're not sure where and how to wearthis bright pink try this

I love, love, love this dress and necklace!

Even the rain is not an excuse to be stylish.

Bombay Duck Fairground Umbrella

Lisbeth Dahl Pagoda Umbrella - Glitter Dots - Lavender 

Hope You get some inspiration and thank You for reading :)

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