sestdiena, 2014. gada 30. augusts

Grand opening.

Toughts and dreams about National Library was around me all my life. And at last it's opened. It was yesterday and was so exciting, I feel like it's most important event in Riga for so many years. A librars is not simply a building, it's a symbol of human knowledge and dream that everyon in Latvia lived with about 25 years. For me it was something I dreamed about since I was born, maybe it's because my parens told me about it and it was dream of all my friends. No we didn't needed just a building, we needed the feelings, we needed to be proud that this huge project will be made. It's important that we have a place for "Dainu skapis" /Cabinet of Folksongs/

Building was designed by Latvian architect Gunnar Birkerts. Latvian literature and folklore speks of the "Castle of Light" as a metaphor for wisdom that has been lost, but will rise again from the depths of the Daugava river after the Latvian people have overcome the intellectual darknes of war, invasion and occupation. Birkerts has incorporated Latvian myths into the design of the National Library building. 
Yesterday I was there for a first time and was so excited, it's excellent building where every small detail has story, meaning...

Have a nice day, I hope all Your dreams will come true <3

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