trešdiena, 2014. gada 20. augusts

Wednesday - Wineday

Since an early age wine has been my passion. I grew up in Latvian - it's not a wine land, but dreamed of Loire Valley, surrounded by wineyards. I reded a lot about wine and it's history, gained knowledge about the magicians who know how to turn the grapes into the magical drink. For many years of my life I've worked as a waiter in order to be closer to the wine and didn't went past to any chanse to lern something more about it.

I'm no longer working as a waiter, but the wine is still my passion, so since today further on my blog each wednesday will be wineday :)

In my mind, wine can be compared to designers clothes, each of us has their own favorite designs. there are those who You keep wearing everyday, but there are also those You dream about. Valentino - stylish, noticable, elegant, but also wery expensive. H&M - easy to wear, beautiful, cheap. And no one of those two are right or wrong, it depends on your taste and budget.

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