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Sun kissed face

Even if your cosmetic bag can afford only the basics, there must necessarily be a bronzer, it will highlight your features, makeyour skin look younger and healtier.

Find your shade. Natural tan effect for light skin eill give a bronzer in a pech ur light honey tone. For medium dark skin get more golden, rosy tones, but for dark skin perfect would be copper and terracota tones.
Never forget that the bronzer should be only one, but not more than two shades darker than your actual skin tone.

If You aren't professional use shimmer free bronzer. Easier and more for everyday would be matt bronzer. You don't have to worry about looking like circus artist with matt shades.
Luminous or shimmering particles containing powder must be used very lightly and carefully, it's more appropriate foe evening and performing. 

Do not try to save.Quality bronzer will not brake or disintegrate, it will not losing it qualities at least two or three years. It's worth to invest in this.

Buy a good brush. Almost as important as quality bronzer is the brush you use. To provide smooth, flawless covering, the brush will be the one who guarantee it. Brush is important also to apply bronzer , try to apply it light, with no pressure, gentle touches and remember - less is more.

Where to apply bronzer. First with bronzer highlight areas that are natural rounded up - from cheek bones move to temples, then lightly touch chin and nose.If you are going for more pronounced sunburn effect lightly tint a jaw line toward to ears, touck your collar bones and sholders and now you are done.

I am using now:
The body shop Honey BronzeHas a matt texture and moisturizing effect. It contains honey and beeswax, available in three shades. Approximately 15 Euro.
High end:
Jane Iredale My Steppes - Mineral make up kit - matte bronzer, blush and two shades lip gloss. Perfect for summer parties and trips. available in two variations - warm or cold tones. Approximately 60 Euro.

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