pirmdiena, 2014. gada 25. augusts

My way to 1001 list

Hmm, today I'm not ready to decide all 1001 goals, but I know things I want and have to do, and know the way how I'll do this! I'll do list everyday and add those everyday goals to summary. However this is my todays list:
1. Workout everyday
2. Blog everyday 
3. Take a photos everyday
4. Instagram everyday
5. Always have a manicure
6. Run at least 5 times a week
7. Reorganise my closet weekly
8. Make at least 1 rug at week
9. Cleanse my face twice a day
10. Drink at least 1 liter water everyday
11. Give my face mask at least once in a week
12. Loose 10 kg bodyweight ( 63 kg today)
13. Wake up everyday at 7 a.m.
14. Donate blood
15. Go to a dentist
16. Get a tattoo
17. Knit a hat to my boyfriend
18. Stop drinking soda
19. Sell at least one object every week on my etsy shop
20. Make soap
21. Start to make a postcard
22. Make my cookbook
23. keep adding things to this list

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