piektdiena, 2014. gada 22. augusts

Me and my mascaras

I never had a fancy high end mascara, but You know what is the best of it? Never needed! Yes I know that You must to invest in beauty, but I better invest in moisturizer, cleanser, eye cream, hair mask, book, travelling, sweets... Don't think I need a pricy mascara!
Those four I use almoust everyday.
First one is Fennel Lenght Mascara - it's really cheap drugstore mascara, but it's my favourite.The formula is pretty dry and ads so much lenght to my lashes withouth clumping. I's just normal, simple everyday mascara, nothing special, but gives natural long lash effect. Lumene Natural Mascara gives a lot of volume, but not so much lengt, that's the reason why I like to use it with Fennel one. I apply one or two coats of Lumene and then one coat of Fennel and have my everyday dreamlashes :D
Avon Super Shock it very wet, very black, very shoch! It gives effective volume, lenght and curve, but I don't like the brush - it's too big and sometimes it's hard to apply to my inner corner lashes. But the Avon Mega effects ar has the most dissappointing tube ever - it's impossible to apply mascara with this "wand". But the most frustraiting is the fackt that formula is amazing!!! It applys so easly, it doesn't flake or smudge all day, and looks super glamurous.
I hope You all will find Your own perfect mascara!
Have a nice day and thank You for stopping by!

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  1. Woooooo! I gotta try out this Avon thing! :D I have a loooong and curly lashes but sometimes something just wont do... I would like to have a natural mascara look! :D

    1. I definately suggest to try this one, lately I finded out the way how to apply this mascara better - I'm applyin one coat with this strange wand and then just brush with a clean spoolie. It makes my lashes look amazing.