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Why to choose matt make up?

Why I usually choose matte make up?
First of all, because it's one of the best options when it comes to photograpy . If You are scared of how matte products, especially with bright shade, would look on You, here's some simple tricks I use.

Matte eyeshadow:

  • my biggest matte eyeshadow tip is to put on a color that is close to my skin tone all over the entire lid before begin to use any colors.It helps me with blending, because I notice that matt shades usually blends worst than shimmery. Don't know why :( Maybe it happens because the brush often holds the powder? I'm trying to slightly tap the brush aigainst the lid to press in the color.
  • When I am using matte eyeshadows I always using eyeshadow primer, it's must for me.

Matte lipstick:
  • It's important to prepeare your lips and make them smooth and soft. Exfoliating is great solution for me, because I have dry lips and matte lipstick isn't as forgiving as gloss, so every imperfection will show.
  • In order to keep matte lipstich fresh, I usually make sure to moisturize my lips before applying lipstick. Matte texture tends to dry out lips, creating cakked on effect.
  • Next i'm applying concealer all over my lips, to let the color pop.
  • Using lip liner helps to get clean and beautiful result. 
  • Applying matte shades I prefer to use lip brush, for me it's easyer to make sure to cover up every little corner.

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