pirmdiena, 2014. gada 15. decembris

10 Things We all Need To Drop To Stay Motivated

We all sometimes struggling with staying motivated, we all sometimes strat things but never complete them, basically we all are normal human beings :D
In order to stay motivated we have to get rid of things that are weighing us down....
But How?
We can start stop stressing ourselves over things we can not control! Sounds easier than it actually is, but we all can exercise, play sports or even write blogs :D Whatever helps You! The big goal is learn how to ignore things that stress us out! 
For me first step to reach that goal is focusing on the positive. Dropping negativity for me means distance myself from negative people, negative influence, negative news, negative everything as much as it possible. But that means that You will have to do so many things by ourselves. You will find out that You are buying food from angry seller, You have negative cleaner lady, etc. 
Simple, just drop the lazy attitude - I don't have to cook, I'll buy something premaded... Do things by Yourself, and don't forget to put smile on Your face :)

Good Luck <3

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