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How to Deal with Arguments in a Relationship

Sometimes I end up arguing with my loved one for the smallest reasons, but the most important is always to remember to do anything to avoid hurting a partner. Of course it's not always possible, but at least we try. We always try to remember one, we think, the most important arguing rule:

'' Arguments in a relationship doesn't make one of you win, actually it makes both of you lose in love ''

Because it is so easy to start an argument, but who really likes the pain? No one! Not me, not You, Not my or your partner.

If I feel hurt by something that my boyfriend's done I'm just trying to mention that in right way.

But seriously... Do we all really believe in the magic 10 tips to make our relationship perfect and arguing free? Do we really believe in Santa? Do we really believe in magic wands? And the prince with white unicorn also is somewhere there? 
I' m happy for you if you believe in all this, but seriously - STOP living your life in the wonderland and come back to reality!
People are different!
Mens are different than women's!
Sometimes You don't know what You want or how to react!
The truth is simple - different people perceive things differently. Differently, I said, not WRONG!

Ever thought about tolerance?
Then Think about it a lot!!!
But don't forget who you really are! Don't forget that you have an opinion! Two people in the world, no matter how ment for each other they are, will never agree about everything. This is just the way life is... Some people even claim that arguments are healthy in relationship and you only argue with someone you love.

Let's love people with who we sometimes arguing...

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