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Loreal Skin Perfection, review/ingredients

 Daily Moisturizer

I have been used this product for more than two weeks and from my heart/skin I can say it is good. I have an extremely dry skin, which means - sensitive, allergic, and sometimes truly annoying skin. 

I had visited my dermatologist last week and he said that my skin looks better. I decided it is because tris moisturizer, which is the only one product I was changed in my skin care routine. But then my dermatologist suggested to check the ingredients, because he thins that fea ingredients can not be good for my skin. So I decided to check all ingredients and share the information with You, dear reader.
Water is the most widely used as a cosmetic ingredient. Water is almost always listed first on an ingredient label because it is usually the ingredient with the highest concentration. Yet, studies that have compared the water content of dry skin to that of normal or oily skin do not find a significant difference in moisture levels between them. Further, too much water in the skin can be a problem because it can disrupt the skin's intercellular matrix, the substances that keep skin cells bonded to each other.
Dimethicone and Methicone are silicone based polymers, the only difference between these two polymers is that the repeating unit of Dimethicone contains two methyl groups. Cosmetic manufactures like it because it makes Products easily spreadable, so we get that feeling of the moisturizer gliding over skin. Dimethicone also helps from a protective barrier on the skin, and can fill in the fine lines and wrinkles on the face, which is why it' s often used in makeup primers, also in this Skin Perfection. The most interesting fact I found out about dimethicone is that it is not good to be using in daily skin care, like petroleum products, silicone oils can actually make dry skin worse over time. It's strange, because I feel like my skin become better than before I started to use this moisturizer, but maybe it is because dry skin becomes worse over time if You are using silicons. 
Glycerin can be made from natural products such as vegetable oil, or synthesized from propylene alcohol. The most people are very tolerant of glycerin, the effects of glycerin on skin are a healthier appearance.
It is almost impossible to find any information about this ingredient which makes me feel it is not something good for my skin. A tiny bit I found says - it uses as an emollient, binder and viscosity agent in cosmetic.
Cetyl alcohol is used as opacifier in shampoos, or as emollient, emulsifier or thickening agent in creams and lotions. People who suffer from eczema can be sensitive to it.
Silica is used in cosmetic because of it's ability to serve as an abrasive, anti caking agent and suspending agent. In cosmetics silica is relatively safe and harmless to use, but in higher concentrations, the ingredient may been linked to cancer, allergies and respiratory issues.
Talc has many uses in cosmetic as an absorbent, anti caking and filling agent. scientists found out that talc is absolutely safe to use in cosmetics.

PTFE aka Teflon!!! This ingredient have been associated with delayed menstruation and even cancer. It is used most widely in anti aging products and cosmetics, likely because it provides a smooth, sleek finish.
Polyethylene is a polymer made of repeating ethylene units. It is used in many cosmetic products. It can be used to dilute other solids, or to increase the thickness of the lipid/ oil portion of cosmetics. It helps to keep an emulsion from separating into it's oil and liquid components. Internet resources says that it is safe to be used in cosmetics.
PEG - Polyethylene Glycol Stearates are esters of polyethylene glycol and stearic acid. The PEG  Stearates are soft to waxy solids that are white to tan in color. The PEG Stearates clean the skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so they can be rinsed away. Products and formulas containing PEG 100 Stearate should not be used on broken or irritated skin.
Stearic acid helps water and oil mix, the ingredient is added to many liquid cosmetics in low concentrations to function as an additive rather than active ingredient or cleansing agent. In these products, stearic acid helps prevent the formulas from separating into liquid and oily layers.
Stearyl Alcohol are long chain fatty alcohols, it's a white, waxy solid with a faint odor. It is also an ingredient that helps formulation from separation to oil and liquids.
carbomer is a term used for a series of polymers primarily made from acrylic acid . The Carbomers are white fluffy powders but are frequently used as gels in cosmetics and personal care products. The Carbomers help to distribute or suspend insoluble solid in a liquid. carbomers are often used to control the consistency and flow of cosmetics.
Most of us tend to assume that alcohol in cosmetics does not translate to happy hour :) But basically arachidyl alcohol is not that bad, it's a waxy substance used as thickening agent and emollient in cosmetics.
Dimethicone Vinyl Crosspolymer is a viscosity ingredient, also function as dispersing agent.

I was absolutely shocked when I finded out THAT MUCH chemical ingredients in one cream. Will never skimp on moisturizer, promise to myself :)

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  1. Nice information! Maybe I should start using moisturiser soon:D


    1. You definately should start use the moisturizer, but, please, check the ingredients :)

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