otrdiena, 2014. gada 2. decembris

Money saving TIPS

1. Lets turn a critical eye to our ''COLLECTIONS''! I heard that most people collect something. What do You collect? Something that brings You joy? But could You cut down on Your spending an that collection?
It's hard! HARD! At least for me. I'm collecting make-up, so every time I decide to cut down some new palette or lipstick or moisturizer, fragrance, liner, foundation,..... I just need to try it!
2. Invite friends over instead of going out. Hmm, why? Maybe because almost every activity at home is less expensive than going out. Invite some friends and play some cards, have few drinks. I like this tip a lot because it is the main Partying for me :D I don't like clubbing so this sounds perfect. We cook together, play board games, laugh a lot, turn on some music and discuss a music videos, and...., and..
3. Do holiday shopping right after holidays. I use this technique after every holiday and it works perfect. I decorate my flat with decorations I bought January :) Just wait until about two days after a holiday and start shopping, just get cards, decorations, wrapping paper etc. for next year. Don't know all around the world, but here in Latvia discounts are tremendous! And still - it's shopping !
4. Eat breakfast. It is not only money saving tips - it is health must! Healthy breakfast fills You up with energy for the day. A bowl of oatmeal is often the thing that keeps me from running out to eat an expensive lunch in the day. And now comes the harder part - only a cup of coffee is NOT breakfast!!!
5. Start a garden. Great - You will have a hobby and food!! I like planting a bunch of tomato, basil, dill or onions on my windowsill. It is easy - just keep them moisten and that's it.
6. Stop smoking - it's good for Your health and makes Your wallet suffer from overweight. Easy, there is no much explaining needed, JUST STOP IT NOW!!!

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