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Travelling - How to Pack

I never was one of those who brought everything. I usually even miss something, but with years I learned some important packing hacks.

1. Medicines:

  • Pack prescription medicines you usually take. Pack your medications in your carry on luggage with copies of all prescriptions including the generic names for medications. Also pack some first aid supplies, but not the full kit, just some basics - bandages, gauze, antiseptic, tweezers, some small Aloe gel for sunburns if you are travelling to some sunny destination. Don't forget your insurance card. 
  • Pack some charcoal capsules, you can buy them in a health food store or pharmacy. Since charcoal is what they give in a hospital for food poisoning, taking one before meals in a foreign country usually guarantees you won't be sick from different food or germs. 

2. Clothing - clothes tend to make up the bulk of most suitcases, and reducing of outfits you pack can lighten your load significantly.
  • Pack only one, but lightweight Sweater  - better if it is in a neutral tone such as beige, cream, gray or black. Stick with natural fibers that breathe and don't cost a huge amount of money, in case you lose it.
  • You don't need more than one pair of jeans - personally I, when travel, live in my jeans, wear them all the time. 
  • Non Iron Blouses - these are useful for business and leisure days.
  • Bring several necklaces and bracelets to dress things up.
  • Shoes - footwear is very important, but don't forget - hiking boots is not the only variety. Honestly I ditched my boots fairly quickly, regular trainers were sufficient and are way more multifunctional. My suggestion - opt for comfortable but stylish trainers.
  • Towel - I never have been in a hotel that doesn't provide towels, so there is no point to take it from home.
  • Check the weather at your destination before you leave, and pack accordingly.

3. Make up - don't pack your entire Beauty routine.
  • If you use eight 
  • different products to tame your wild curls or have an elaborate face washing regimen down to a science, let loose a bit when you travel. 
  • If you are staying at a medium or high end hotel that will offer toiletries - use them. Promise - nothing bad will happen. 
  • There are lots of products that have multiple uses. Opt for a shampoo / conditioner combo, tinted moisturizer with SPF, moisturizing body wash doubles as a shaving cream, eyeshadow palette....

4. Travel pillow - It's no secret that the pillows and blankets supplied by airlines aren't most comfortable, and even worst - they may not always be the cleanest. And they don't take that much space.

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