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Lombardia wine is the Italian wine produced in the Lombardy region of north central Italy. The region is well known particularly for it's sparkling wines made in the Franciacorta ( 14.10.2015.) and Oltrepo Pavese ( 21.10.2015.) areas. Lombardia also produces still red, white and rose wines made from a variety of local and international grapes including Nebbiolo ( 19.08. 2015. ) in the Valtellina region ( 28.10.2015. ), trebbiano di Lugana (24.06.201.) white wines produced with the Chiaretto style rose along the shores of Lake Garda.

The winemaking tradition of Lombardy dates back to it's settlement by Greeks from Athens along the Po river.

The climate of Lombardy is varied due to the diverse terrain of region but is generally considered a "Cool" continental climate. The region is influenced by several geographic features that control the climate and terroir of the land. These include the alps located in the northern parts of the region near the wine producing area of valtellina and the Po River which runs along the Oltrepo Pavese and forms most of the region's southern border with Emilia Romagna. Many wine areas are located near some of Lombardy's major lakes including Franciacorta near lake Iseo as well as garda Bresciano and Garda Montovano regions near Lake Garda.

The Lombardy region consists primarily of 12 wine producing areas:
  1. Valtellina - 28.10.2015.
  2. Garda Bresciano - 4.11.2015.
  3. Franciacorta - 14.10.2015
  4. Cellatica - 2.12.2015
  5. Botticino - 9.12.2015.
  6. Capriano del Colle - 16.12.2015
  7. San Martino della Battaglia - 23.12.2015.
  8. Lugana
  9. Lambrusco Mantovano - 25.03.2015.
  10. Oltrepo Pavese - 21.10.2015.

have a good Lombardia experience :)

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