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Rose Wine

What is Rose wine? It is not mix of red and white? No it isn't! When a wine isn't quite red, it's rose. Technically speakin, this pinkish beverage is produced differently than red wine but with the same grapes. For example White Zinfandel is produced with the same grapes as Red Zinfandel but the two wines are stunningly different. It's a type of wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as a red wine. 

The pink color can rangefrom a pale to a purple, depending on the grape varieties and winemaking tchniques.
The aromas and flavor of rose wines are primarily influenced by the particular grape varieties, but the metod also plays an important part. The flavors of rose wines tends to be more subtle versions of their red wine varietal counterparts. The fruit expectations lean towards strawberry, cherry, and raspberry with some citrus and watermelon presenting on a regular basis.

Rose wines are perfect for spring and summer, as they are served chilled and can be a refreshing accompaniment to a variety of warm weather fare, Rose wines alseo top the charts for food friendly versatility.

My favorite varietys of rose wine is:

*Grenache Rose - It's fruity, usually brilliant ruby red with notes of strawberry, orange and hibiscus.

*Sangiovese Rose - Also fruity, bright copper red. Notes of strawberries and green melon, some feint bitter note on the finish, which makes this wine taste plesantly dry. For me it's must to serve cold in a white wine glass.

* Cabernet Sauvignon Rose - Savory, deep ruby red with flavors of green bell pepper, cherry and black currant. Something to have on a special occasion.

* White Zinfandel Rose - possibly the most popular rose wine, sweet, offers flavors of strawberry and cotton candy. I like it, but only ice cold - then it seems not that sweet.

Enyoy Your rose wine and
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