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Motivational monday

Have you ever started something and then quit? If you answered yes, I'm not alone :D
How I'm trying to avoid this?
Goal setting - I always trying to start with simple goals and only then progress to longer range goals. I'm making only realistic goals, even if someons can tell me that it's he way I never reach something big, Big or BIG, but for me it works, its easy to get frustrated and give up if goals are too ambitios. An other very important part of staying motivated for me is avoiding negative people. I don't need someone who says that I can't do something.
To avoid giving up I lately do realistic goal list, here is my list for this week :
1. Work out every day, maybe it someday will be only 15 minutes, but I will do it. I don't exspect from myself real workout everyday, but at least something is a good start :)
2. Update my etsy store - I will do it in the end of this week, because before I have to reach goal nr.3
3. Finish rug and pillow case
4. Wash my face before bed every night
5. Blog everyday
6. Make family budget

For me, when it comes to motivation, attitude is everything, I may have completely diiferent feelings to same task everyday, today I love to work out, tomorrow I will hate it and maybe will spend houts for nothing doing and thinking about GREAT reasons to dont workout. Why this hapens? because I'm lazy, as most of people., but even if it sometimes takes hours somehow I start to ask myself - 
How can I enjoy this task?
What can I do to make this fun?'
For example, now I'm writing this post and after I should go out to run, but I already have some ideas to do instead of running  - crochet rug, dishwashing, shopping, reading, sleeping, social networkling :D But I know I will run today, don't know yet if it will be after this pst or after time spended on facebook, but important thing is that I know, I will.

I will be good today and going run right now, but if You are interested in more motivational tips I use, feel free to comment and ask for things You woul like to know :)

Stay motivated and have a nice day <3

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  1. this is such a great helpful post! i'd love it if youd comment back xx