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My Home Working Organisation Tips and Tricks

Everyone who knows me always says that I'm organisation freak, but no it isn't good. I'm trying to avoid this, because my boyfriend don't feel good when if he asks me to go somewhere first thing I do is my schedule checking, then I have to make sure our flat is clean and every thing lays where it has to... And so on. I know it can be annoyins, so I'm trying to avoid this, but there are some tips and tricks I am using everyday. Today I will start with home working tips, because I know, for many, the increased freedom of working from home can be demotivating. Without a boss around, time can be easily spent for relaxing with coffee ar snack, or nothing doing :)

I must to emphasize - few of these tips are not mine, but I saw them on internet, friends houses, TV.

* I start everyday by making list of things I have to today and always checking my yesterdays list to make sore that I didn't miss something I wwasn't done yesterday. I'm dividing my to do list in different colors. Anything that has to be done today is red, anything I want, but not have to do is yellow, bills are green, but meetings and things out of flat is blue. Since I'm a visual person this color cording minimizes the time to understand what I have to do.
By keeping relatively consistent work schedule. it's easier to maintain a distinction between my professional and personal lives.
* Doing only one thing at a time.
* Dressing for work. This doesn't mean I put on a fancy dress, but I believe there is a psychological benefit to swapping pajamas for decent clothes.
* Set aside a specific place exclusively for work. I'm not able to work at my couch or kitchen table, these places are for relaxing, so I can easily spend all my day watching YouTube, reading blogs, reading news and so on. Compfy places are not made for work :) In general I just must to use the area for work only for constant basis, and make sure there is no any things going around - no eating, TV watching or coffee.
* Don't let friends stop by. If I want to meet my friends I'm using lunch time for it. I also try to make doctor or dentist appointments just as I would in a office work schedule to minimize distruptions of my work.
* Stay out of the kitchen, it's my biggest issue, I'm just constant snacker. I'm trying to eat healty but quite big breakfast. sometimes it helps avoid snacking.
* Keep a notepad and pencil nearby, jot down ideas for blog posts, projects, anything that springs to my mind
* Know when to stop, it's hard for me to stop working when I started something and then after few minutes it's already late night. Sometimes it's ends up letting work run my life. Make sure you set limits for the amount of time you will work.

I have been working fom home for some time and I've adjusted my setup to the one I have today and it works for me. I hope some of these tips will help you to make your homeworking more progressive :)

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