otrdiena, 2014. gada 9. septembris

White Night with friends

The White Night is a contemporary urban culture forum, it's one night in the year when the citizens are encouraged to experience a state of creative wakefulness. 
The White Night is traditinally held in autumn, and this year it take place on the night of 6 to  September.

On White Night we visited Kalnciema square where RTU men choir "Gaudeamus" and the legendary band "Pērkons" come to gether to perform a serene uplifting cantata of the composer Juris Kulakovs "Breast trembles from love" in the open air concert. 

Second we wisited "Noass" witch is near by, it presented the outstanding Italian artist's Grazia Toderi video installation.

Since the weather was so great we spedt the time at AS dambis multifunctional family space too.

Hope You too had a great weekend!
Thank You for stopping by <3

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