piektdiena, 2014. gada 12. septembris

Photo day with friends at Kemeri national park

Since the weather was amazing, we ecided to spend day outdoors and choodes to go to Ķemeri, because it's not far away from our home and is very beautiful. Ķemeri is located about 50 km from Riga, it's an excellent oportunity for enjoying wild nature and getting anguainted with the bog ecosystem.

Altrough the visible part of Ķemeri Raised Bog is exciting and beautiful, it's most precious woner is hidden deep underneath the surface of the blog. Here, where the layers of peath and dolomite meet and no oxygen is present, with the help of special bacteria, sulphurous mineral waters are formed.

One of the most important elements in the landscape of a raised bog are bog pools - sign of maturity of the bog.  

Raised bog is not very rich in diversity of plants - the only water here is brought by precipitation, it's sour and poor in nutrients. The flora of a raised bog is very spesific, consisting only a plants havind specially adapted. However we wanted to photograph a lot an there IS a lot interesting never seen plants, I was excited about every piese I seen :D

Raised bog with a sphagnum carpet, rush hummocks, dwarf pine trees and maze of pools is home for a number of Latvian bird, which are rarely found in Latvia and in Europe, has settled permanently here. Which is very interesting, because we didn't seen only one bird :D

We where very excited and happy that we was there, we wante to just spend day outdoors and photograph, but in the end we had small amoun of photos because landscape was so interesting and we spent all day chatting with each other to share every single plant, tree or eather we saw :)

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  1. Atbildes
    1. Thank you - it meand a lot to me, because I don't have a fancy camera and was a little worries about how photos will see on the big screen

  2. Amazing photos, it looks like such a beautiful place to visit!
    Becki :) xxx

    1. Thank You. It actually is one of the most beautiful places I ever visited.