piektdiena, 2014. gada 5. septembris

Night of Ancient Bonfires

On the night of August 30, we wisited event where bonfires lited on Latvia's beaches for the Night of Ancient Bonfires. It was organised by people who care for the Baltic sea, the enviroment, preservation of natural resources and future generations. In Riga it was going on at Vakarbuļļi beach.

In ancient times, bonfires were lit along the Baltic coast to warn of dangers. For the past twenty years, bonfires have been lit on Finland's southern and south-western beaches in the Night of Ancient Bonfires on the last Saturday of August. Estonia joined the initiative several years ago, and bonfires were also lit in some places in Latvia.

The Night of Ancient Bonfires, which is gaining popularity in the Baltic Sea countries, this year is dedicated to preservation and future of the Baltic Sea. Various artistic events, poetry readings and concerts will also be organized on the Night of Ancient Bonfires.

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