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Benefits of cotton bedding

With all of the new green trends from organic food to organic bedding, it can be hard to tell which are worth going for and which are waste of money. Many people question whether they really gain anything by choosing more natural products. Being a natural, organic products fan I wanted to look for a natural/organic bedding for myself. It was quite hard to find it where I live. Whether it was not available or it was way more expensive than I expected it to be. So I decided to make it myself. You also can purchase natural baby cotton bedding set I made at my shop - BABY COTTON BEDDING SET. 

Yes it is not the cheapest bedding set You may find all around the internet, but baby cotton( organic, non bleached, non aggressive colored cotton) is quite expensive, so I did my best to lower the price.

Cotton is naturally breathable, soft material which offers excellent comfort in bedding products. But, cotton crops are responsible for 25% of insecticides and 10% of pesticides used internationally. Organic cotton is grown using environmentally friendly, low impact farming methods. Organic cotton is the version grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals. Producing cotton organically can be expensive, which accounts for the higher cost. Organic sheets and bedding are particularly recommended for babies and children who are more vulnerable to chemicals than anybody.

When you opt for organic bedding products, the benefits for You and Your family are numerous - starting from reducing chemical exposure to helping the planet. Your skin will be in direct contact especially with sheets and pillowcases, making it essential to use the safest material available. 

Allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin may notice rashes or red areas on their faces or body that come into contact with synthetic materials.

The benefits f natural and organic bedding include their ease of care. Cotton bedding can be machine washed for easy cleaning - important for those with allergies. Cotton bedding is considered hypoallergenic and has considerably less environmental impact than synthetic.

Of course with bedding only you will not become the healthiest person in the world, but it is small step closer to the natural, organic lifestyle. yes it is quite expensive, but you are not purchasing bedding set everyday, and what can be more important to spread money than you and your families health?

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