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tips to find cheap flights

Flights are usually the most expensive part of travel and most of us are after the cheapest flight deal we can find.
I love to travel, but I have to deal with my budget - so I finded out some tips to get deal with bills and travel also :)
  1. Book early - don't know how it is in another side of earth, but here in Latvia the best month for cheap flight booking is January. I remember a time when last minute flights were cheap, but nowadays - it doesn't work :( I guess that airlines realized that everyone was waiting until the last minute to book flights. I usually book about 6-8 months in advance - it is reasonable amout of time to plan ahead and pretty cheap flights are available. lots of airlines have huge sales and the start of year is a good time to keep your eyes peeled for them. Sign up to receive e mail updates.
  2. Regional airports - if you are flying short haul, flying into a large airport can often be more expensive than into a smaller airport or regional airport. If it is possible, try to fly into a regional airport.
  3. Pack hand luggage only. If you are flying on a budget, don't pay for luggage. You can pack reasonable amount of things in hand luggage.
  4. Be flexible with dates - this is another good reason to book your flights a long way in advance.
  5. Flight night - overnight flights are often cheaper. My recipe for sleeping on plain? Small champagne and little pringles, after 5 min I'm sleeping until stewardess is waking me up :D

Do you have some tips?
Please share them with me :)

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