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Trentino Alto Adige Wine

The Trentino Alto Adige area is an autonomous region located in north - east italy, producing wine in the two autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol.

This Italian wine region is noted for the district German and Austrian influences on the wine industry due to the region's long history under the rule of Austria - Hungary.

Because of regions unique history and location within the southern Alps and Dolomites, it grows a wide range of grape varieties that are not usually seen in other parts of Italy. These include 
  • Muller Thurgau
  • Schiava ( 8.04.2015. ), 
  • Lagrein (15.04.2015.), 
  • Sylvaner ( 22.04.2015. ), 
  • Riesling Renano ( 29.04.2015. ),
  • Gewurztraminer ( 0.05.2015. ),
  • Blatterle (13.05.2015.).
The name of South Tyrol, In Italian Alto Adige, identifies the northern territory of the region that includes the higher part of Adige River. Winemaking in south Tyrol has a long tradition - the first evidence date back to the period before the Romans.

The South Tyrolean wine growing area is highly influenced by Mediterranean climate, which in the Adige valley arrives up to Merano.

Trentino - produces dry and sparkling wines.

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