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foods that whiten your teeth

Have your pearly whites lost their luster because of gray or dingy yellow stains?
As much as certain foods or some drinks can be blamed for stains on your teeth, there are few that can actually help against them.

 One of the best stain killers is The Apple: eating apple after meal is the easiest and most preferable method to get rid of yellow or gray teeth. Apple keeps teeth debris and gum bacteria away, their crisp texture and high water content increases saliva, washing away bacteria and leads to discoloration over time.You don't like apples? No problem - try Nuts:
Like apples, munching on nuts stimulates saliva which can help wash away bacteria. Also, when chewed on, nuts can be abrasive in a good way. Chewing these lightly abrasive, hard foods rubs plaque and stains off teeth. pop a few nuts for afternoon snack - they are full of protein, healthy fats, and the crunch you need to get pearly whites.
How about some berries?
Strawberries contain malic acid that acts as a natural way to remove surface stains on teeth, so don't let that bright color confuse you, but we all know - we can not live by eating only berries :(
Mushrooms. Shiitake mushrooms contain a tooth - friendly compound called lentinan, which inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria that cause tooth decay and discoloration.

Onions may not do something good with your breath, but they contain antibacterial sulfur compounds that prevent plaque from forming on your teeth. Unfortunately, onions must be consumed raw to reap the anti - plaque benefit, so include them on sandwiches and in salads whenever you can.

Lets smile :)

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